The Civil War

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What caused the North and South to go to war?

(Make this table in your notebook)


Notes (will go in notebook)

Considering your blog (On North and South), write down what you can about the North and South differences in bullets.

*Bullet points answering what differences may have caused the war.

Start with this video

*Bullets on causes of the war.

Check out this animated timeline and pause each event to read.

*Names of events and description of what caused war.

Causes of War (ALL HERE ON A WEBSITE!)

*Only note the ones you have not gotten earlier.

STOP! Wait until you have completed the {Pre Civil War Stations)

Who do you predict will win the war and why? (North or South)

Use what you’ve learned and post your idea WITH evidence on this padlet. (if you think North post on top, South on bottom)

Play this game, and record your experience below.

If it doesn’t work play this game. 

(Who you chose, what happened along the way, etc.)

Battles and Timeline of War

You will be creating a comic timeline of the most important battles and events of the war.

Before you can begin your Storyboardthat Timeline, you need to research the battles and figure out the ones that influenced the war the most and what happened so you can put them on your timeline.

Here are some websites to help you research the battles. When researching fill out this document before you start your timeline.