Kankakee Valley High School

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Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Rm.  220

Hannah Cates


English 9, an integrated English course based on the Indiana Academic Standards for English/Language Arts in Grades 9-10, is a study of language, literature, composition, and oral communication, focusing on literature within an appropriate level of complexity for this grade band. Students use literary interpretation, analysis, comparisons, and evaluation to read and respond to representative works of historical or cultural significance in classic and contemporary literature balanced with nonfiction. Students write, responses to literature, expository (informative), narrative, and argumentative/persuasive compositions, and sustained research assignments., . Students deliver grade-appropriate oral presentations with attention to audience and purpose and access, analyze, and evaluate online information. • Recommended Grade Level: 9 • Recommended Prerequisites: none • Credits: 2 semester course , 1 credit per semester • Fulfills an English/Language Arts requirement for all diplomas


English 9 is a course which aims to help students examine human elements in literature in hopes of gaining a better understanding of cultures, history, and themselves.  English 9 aims to give practice and instruction for young readers and writers providing an opportunity to do various tasks involving all types of reading and writing.  


Satisfactory completion of Language Arts and Reading at the middle school level. (Grades 6-8)


  • Composition Notebook
  • Chromebook or other school approved device for document creation, research, and technological participation in course content.  
  • Writing Utensils
  • Google Drive Account
  • Email Account
  • Kahn Academy Account


The grading scale reflects that KVHS grading scale which can be found in the Student Handbook.  

94-100 A

90-93 A-

87-89 B+

84-86 B

80-83 B-

77-79 C+

74-76 C

70-73 C-

67-69 D+

64-66 D

60-63 D-

>59 F

Content Focus

Skills that must be understood for success in the course:

  1. Basic rules for sentence and paragraph writing.
  2. Reading for different purposes.
  3. Speaking in front of a whole class and small groups.
  4. Using original ideas to create writing and conversation.
  5. Basic vocabulary rules as pertaining to Latin and Greek roots and suffixes and prefixes.
  6. MLA formatting on documents.
  7. Researching credible sources.
  8. Citation of sources in essays and presentations.
  9. Grammar for writing.
  10. Literary terms for writing and discussion