Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem.  The resolve communicated in that sentence grabs me most of all.  The unflinching look at what awaited him.  Betrayal.  Capture.  Abandonment.  Cruelty.  Death.  He did not look away.

Jesus knew what he was getting himself into.  He walked into it of his own free will.  

Jesus knew who he was up against but never changed his message.  That’s the second thing that stays with me from Luke’s travelogue.  The entire trip to Jerusalem, Jesus keeps repeating his rebuke of his opponents.  He had to have known that they would retaliate.  Reading about what happens to Jesus once he gets to Jerusalem pains me.  I grieve over their mistreatment of him.

While reading about Jesus journey to the Cross, I set my face toward Whiteclay.  For forty days, I did not look away from the pain and suffering there.  I wasn’t sure what doing this would accomplish.  I only knew that I wanted it to be a spiritual exercise.

Some outcomes that I noticed along the way to Easter: