Dear Mr. Rivet and Mr Faburel:

我們請求增設另一位新的ACP台灣代表。這個連署有130位長途騎士簽名背書。其中包含了50位,參與長途騎乘多年,報名PBP 2011的車友 (PBP總報名數是66位)。這些簽署書及此信也以郵件方式寄給ACP總裁 Mr. Thierry Rivet。

We would like to request additional ACP representative in Taiwan. This petition is endorsed by 130 randonneuring fellows. Included 50 who registered in PBP 2011 (out of 66 registered in PBP 2011), who have participated randonneuring for several years. The signed petitions and this letter are also delivered to ACP president Mr. Thierry Rivet by mail.

去年,我們針對Randonneurs Taiwan (RT) 許多不當的行政措施 [1] 提出疑問,並希望現任的ACP台灣代表阮先生能夠改革[2] 。雖然阮先生否認RT有不當的措施,有些許依照我們當初所建議來改善。然而這些改善還是不足以將RT步入正軌,且RT本身還是有很嚴重的問題存在(詳細列於文後)。經過長期等待,我們結論是RT不會改善。因此,我們請求ACP讓我們設立由會員選舉出來,新的ACP代表,來處理台灣的長途騎乘活動。

Last year we had sent out our inquiries about many misconducts [1] by Randonneurs Taiwan (RT) and asked the current ACP Taiwan representative Mr. Ruan to reform [2] . Although Mr Ruan denied any misconducts by RT, there had been some changes based from our initial proposal of changes. However, these changes were not enough to put RT on the right track, and there are still serious problems within RT itself (details listed below). After a long wait, we have concluded that RT will not change. Therefore, we ask ACP to allow us to set up another ACP representative, elected by the members, to oversee randonneuring activities in Taiwan.

我們提出個新的組織來 [3]

We propose a new organization that will [3]


We sincerely hope that ACP can accept our request so that the spirit of randonneuring can be preserved in Taiwan and our randonneuring fellows can be benefited from the sound brevet organizations.











Best regards,

Chin Yuan Lin, north petition organizer

Chien-Liang Lin, south petition organizer

Yiping Lin, petition drafting

Chih Ying Tsai, central petition organizer

Yung Shen Yen, south-region brevet organizer & south petition organizer


Hsueh-Hsiang Chang, formal north-region (1) brevet organizer

Shang-Lun Chiang, formally helping RT in brevet organization & PBP 2011 registration

Su-Liang Lin, north-region (2) brevet organizer

(listed in the order of last name)



Below are reasons why we need a new ACP Taiwan representative and a new organization.


As outlined in the petition, RT has the following serious problems:

1. RT沒有正式的組織結構,造成不合理且獨裁式的管理方式。

1. RT does not have sound structure in organization, resulting in unreasonable and autocratic management.

目前RT架構 (根據我們的了解 [4])

Current RT Structure (to the best of our knowledge [4]):  


Governing Documents / Rules: 




RT Meetings with Brevet Organizers:

Held by Ms Huang, with participation of regional brevet organizers.

Mr. Ruan never participated in these meetings since he became the ACP representative. Mr. Ruan was reached only few times through phone calls and emails.


From this structure, we can see clearly where the problems are

據我們的了解,阮先生負責與ACP聯繫,多是遞交活動日期及結果給ACP,還有翻譯長途騎程規範。阮先生很少參與台灣長途騎乘活動,也從未親自負責舉辦任何一場活動。身為大公司的董事,我們常聽到阮先生人在國外處理公務。大多時候他只有出席特別活動的開幕,像是第一場600km, 1000km 及1200km的活動。

To our understanding, Mr. Ruan deals with communication with ACP, mainly in submitting brevet events and brevet results to ACP, as well as translating randonneuring rules.  Mr. Ruan seldom participated in Taiwan randonneuring activities, nor organized any event in person. As a board member in a big company, we often heard Mr. Ruan was aboard for his business affairs. Most of his appearances were at the openings of special events, like the first 600k, 1000k and 1200k events.


It is Ms Huang who deals with brevet activities in Taiwan. And under Ms Huang’s direction, there have been unreasonable and autocratic management in RT. Such as


During the term of the 1st RT president and ACP Taiwan representative, Mr. Wen-Chang Cheng, Ms Huang, as a secretary helping her husband Mr. Cheng at that time, had already misconducted RT this way. After Mr. Cheng passed away due to the cancer and Mr. Ruan succeeded as the president and ACP representative, though not so much as before because of many cyclists’ questions coming out since 2012, Ms Huang still continues doing so.


Although these misconducts are not Mr. Ruan’s doings and he may not know all of them, still, Mr. Ruan lacked the proper action when some cyclists contacted him with these matters (e.g. by emails & phone calls). Mr. Ruan fails to fulfill his responsibilities as the president of RT and ACP Taiwan representative.


We are grateful for the founders of RT, Mr. Cheng and Mr. Ruan, to bring randonneuring into Taiwan, as well as the hard work from Ms Huang when Mr Chen was sick and could not deal with RT affairs. However, there is no denial that many Ms Huang’s handlings have been done very  improperly.

2. . RT沒有正式向ACP註記地區活動管理者(Regional Brevet Administrators)。RT曾編造理由來撤除活動主辦人,罔視其權利。

2. RT does not report the current brevet organizers as regional brevet administrators to ACP. RT even made up lies to remove some organizers, ignoring their rights

在PBP 2011活動後,RT開始指派四位車友為地區活動主辦人:

After PBP 2011, RT started to appoint four people as regional brevet organizers:


There was no contract to protect the rights of these brevet organizers, and RT always gave excuses whenever asked for the terms of contract or being listed as regional brevet administrator in ACP. In 2012, RT sequently gave the false statements that two brevet organizers (Su-Liang Lin & Hseuh-Hsiang Chang) resigned due to their own affairs, despite that it was not their intention.

原先四位活動主辦人有三位 (張,林及葉) 已經簽署支持。

Three of these four brevet organizers (Chang, Lin & Yeh) have signed the petition.

3. 對於這項自我支援挑戰活動,RT收費過高,有反BRM不應獲利的精神。

以2013年為例,舉辦200k~600k的費用為新台幤600~1,500元,合15~38歐元)[5] 。RT向活動主辦人收取250元(6歐)/人認證費。

3. RT charges high rates for the self-supporting brevet activities (including Flèche), which is against the idea of non-profit in BRM.

As in 2013, the rates for 200km ~ 600km are NTD$600 to NTD$1500 (about EUR 15 ~ 38) [5] . RT asks the brevet organizers for NTD$250 (EUR 6) per person per homologation.


When questioning about the high fees in 2012, Mr. Ruan wrote in the email [2]:


"You are correct that our fee level is at a high range comparing to other countries.  However, the service we provide especially insurance plays an important role in either randonneuring promoting and organizing.  You may recall several accidents in the past were covered by our insurance."

阮先生將台灣活動的高額收費歸諸於保險。首先,我們知道過去意外的保險賠償並不高 (也許阮先生可以提供過去意外的保險給付的資料)。

Mr. Ruan referred the insurance as the cause of high fees in Taiwan brevet events. First of all, we know that the insurance coverages for the past accidents were not much (maybe Mr. Ruan can provide the details of the paid coverage for the past accidents).

其次,RT從未公告他們活動裡提供的保險保障內容。據我們所知,RT (過去也是) 所提供的保險只是一般旅遊平安保險,包含死亡險台幣1-5百萬及醫療險台幣10-50萬,依照活動的長短。即便如此,依照我們估算,保險費用跟活動報名費用比較仍佔小部分:

200km保險費約76元 vs 報名費600元

600km保險費約202元 vs 報名費1500元

Secondly, RT has never disclosed the insurance coverage they provided for the brevet events. As we understand, the insurance RT provided is (and also was in the past)  just simple travel insurance, with NT$1-5 millions in death benefit and 100-500 thousands in medical coverage, depending on the brevet events. Nevertheless, from our estimation, the insurance cost is still a small amount as compared with the event registration fees:

the insurance cost for 200km NTD$76 vs the registration fee NTD$600,

the insurance cost for 600km NTD$202 vs the registration fee NTD$1500


If the amounts above are incorrect, RT is welcome to provide the detailed insurance fees.



Audax Club Parisien要求所有活動主辦俱樂部及活動參加人員都有第三人責任險保障

Besides, from the contract between ACP and ACP representative, it said in the "Rules for Organizers" that


The Audax Club Parisien require that all organizing clubs and event participants be covered by liability insurance.


However, as far as we know, the travel insurance RT provided does not have liability coverage.

南區活動主辦人葉先生曾經向黃女士建議降低報名費,但黃女士口頭上不允許他這麼做。然而,最近葉先生舉辦一場300km活動 (27/07/2013) 只收台幣400元報名費 (包括還要給RT認證費台幣250元)。跟RT官訂800元報名費相比,這證實RT所訂立的報名費用過高。

Mr. Yeh, the south-region brevet organizer, once suggested to lower the entry fees to Ms Huang, who orally forbad him to do so. However, recently Mr. Yen has organized a 300km brevet (27/07/2013) with entry fee only NT$400 (including the homologation fee NTD$250 charged by RT). As compared with RT’s regulated fee NT$800, this demonstrates how high the RT entry fees are now.

另一個例子是瘋24小時單車騎乘認證(Flèche)的報名費用。去年Flèche報名費為每人台幣1100 元 (28歐元),被爆說這麼高費用比日本的還要貴。今年Flèche報名費"大幅"調降為每人台幣800元 (20歐元),然而這以台灣的生活水平來說還是偏高。

Another example is the entry fee for Flèche. Last year, the first Flèche entry fee was NT$1100 (EUR 28) per person, and there were many complaints about such a entry fee even higher than that in Japan. This year, the entry fee for Flèche is “largely” reduced to NT$800 (EUR 20) per person, which, however, is still high considering the living standards in Taiwan.


The problems here are not just the high entry fees, but also the regulation set by RT, disregarding the cost of brevet organization, and nondisclosure of insurance coverage. 



有些車友們甚至擔憂,如果他們不參加RT的活動,他們可能會失去報名PBP 2015的機會。在下個PBP年即將來臨之時,我們想要一個全新的組織,且是公正的組織,來處理長途騎乘活動,並幫助我們車友來準備2015的挑戰。

Final remarks:

From the numbers of participants in brevets in recent years, it does not reflect the problems in RT. This is because RT is the sole representative of ACP-sanctioned activities in Taiwan. However, if look carefully, one can see something has changed: there are fewer and fewer cyclists participating in the brevets organized directly by RT; if they want to ride with friends, they rather choose the brevets organized by the other two regional organizers.

Some cyclists are even worried that if they don’t participate RT's brevets, they might lose “the chance” to register in PBP 2015. As the next PBP year is coming, we want a whole new organization, and a fair one, to handle the brevet activities and to help our cyclists to prepare for the challenge in 2015.


[1] Ms Huang admitted the misconducts in the announcement posted at RT website on 2012/01/20.


[2] Open Letter to ACP Taiwan Rep (1),  ACP Taiwan Rep's Reply (2), Reply to ACP Taiwan Rep's Conclusion (3)

[2] 給ACP台灣代表的公開信 (1), ACP台灣代表的回覆 (2), 回應ACP台灣代表的結論 (3)

[3] 這些對新組織的期望是參考RUSA創立時對他們RBA寫的訊息中所列的。我們認為這些展現著一個良好組織應有的樣子。

[3] These expectations for the new organization are referred to the ones listed in the foundation message of RUSA to their RBA. We think these represent what a good organization should be.

[4] RT結構列表要是參考RUSA的例子。我們發現美國的IR跟台灣RT有密切的相似點。然而,我們想強調,RUSA並沒有干預台灣內部的事物,也沒有參與我們的連署。

[4] The outline of RT structure is followed by the example in RUSA. We found a close similarity between IR in USA and RT in Taiwan. However, we want to emphasize that RUSA does not interfere the internal affairs in Taiwan, nor to participate with our petition.

[5] 這些金額,跟在連署書上的略有不同,已經依照近期的活動修改過了。

[5] The amounts, slightly different from the ones mentioned in the petition, are corrected according to the recent brevet events.