How to Prepare

While you are at Boys State,  you will be unable to leave for shopping and other tasks.  As such, you should come well prepared for the adventure that awaits.

Your Binder

Please print and read (in advance of coming to Boys State) the following items.  They will help you be prepared for your arrival.  You must bring a copy of these documents with you to Boys State.  You may bring it in electronic format (i.e. PDF on iPad) also, but you should also print out a hard copy and bring that in a binder.  You will use the binder as you receive, collect, and create other documents at Boys State.  If you fail to bring a binder, you will be required to purchase one on site for $20.

Print and place these documents in your binder:

You may find this of value also:

Personal Gear

You will receive polo-style uniform shirts, recreation t-shirt, backpack, lanyard, name tag, and other appropriate gear upon arrival.  In addition, please bring the following items with you to Boys State:

Standard Uniform

During Boys State, you are expected to wear the standard uniform at all times, except the following:

The standard uniform includes a shirt, lanyard, and name tag which are provided.  It also includes the black pants, socks, shoes, belt etc as indicated in the Personal Gear section, above.

Do not bring a backpack, bag, or satchel.  You will be issued an official Backpack as part of the program.  Unauthorized backpacks are not permitted.

Click here to see an example of the Boys State Citizen Uniform.

For the recreation periods you may wear shorts, t-shirts, etc.  We have Official Property of BS Athletics T-shirts available for sale at Boys State and also during check-out, if you wish.

Do not bring

Violation of these rules can and will result in you going home.


Other Items

All medication, prescription or not, must be reported and/or checked in to the medical officer upon arrival.

Remember:  You must have completed your Junior year of High School and be entering your Senior Year in order to register as a Citizen.

Any questions?  Contact the Director: