Nic’s Performance agreement 2017


PD/Supported by:

Maths (school)

(4) All students below standard in 2016, achieving ‘at’ or ‘above’ the appropriate national standard for maths, relative to their time at school or year level (by the end of 2017).  

This is especially so for year 5, where there is a higher proportion below standard.

Target Group

*Issraa, *Cohen, *Alex W, *Libby Sloan, *Hannah

School-wide curriculum development of maths, including but not limited to:

  • Workshops, observations &  discussions;
  • Dinah Harvey (Facilitator);
  • Teacher Inquiry including Jugyou Kenkyuu processes;
  • Professional Reading – Five Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions, Maths online, others provided;
  • Staff meetings/ workshops of data and moderation.


1. An Ethic of Care:

  • Caring classrooms communities that are focused on mathematical goals help develop students’ mathematical identities and proficiencies.

2. Arranging for Learning:

  • Provide students with opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively to make sense of ideas.

3. Building on Students Thinking:

  • Plan mathematics learning experiences that enable students to build on their existing proficiencies, interests and experiences.

4. Worthwhile Mathematical Tasks:

  • Effective teachers understand that the tasks and examples they select influence how students come to view, develop, use, and make sense of Mathematics.

5. Making Connections:

  • Support students in making connections between different ways of solving problems, between mathematical representations and topics, and between mathematics and everyday experiences.

6. Assessment for Learning:

  • Use of a range of assessment practices to make students’ thinking is visible and to support students’ learning.

7. Mathematical Communication:

  • Facilitate classroom dialogue that is focused on mathematical argumentation.

8. Mathematical Language:

  • Shape mathematical language by modelling appropriate terms and communicating their meaning in ways that students understand.

9. Tools and representations:

  • Carefully select tools and representations to provide support for students’ thinking.

10. Teacher Knowledge:

  • Develop and use sound knowledge as a basis for initiating learning and responding to the mathematical needs of all their students.

Teacher Inquiry

A robust teacher inquiry process including evidence based decision making leading to improvements in student achievement in maths.

Effective participation in a professional learning community culture that values collaborative inquiry, and joint creation of knowledge (JK).

Implementing a process of teacher inquiry that engages me in:

  • Collecting useful data (attitude, engagement, achievement) and synthesizing the information effectively….leading to the identification of a focus group;
  • Implementing a plan of inquiry, seeking evidence to inform change, making change and justifying it;
  • Participating effectively as a professional being coached and coaching others;
  • Sharing/participating in new knowledge creation during the inquiry (including JK);
  • Close monitoring/tracking of the focus group.


(Developmental or Performance Goal)

lead Dinah maths maintenance across the school.

lead writing maintenance for the COL (within school teaching leader role) and throughout the school.

  • Leadership work with Carol Lynch
  • Maths PD work with Dinah Harvey
  • COL Writing team JK.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Maths Focus Group: (Write a SMART goal for this focus group)

The goal for my target group (who were identified as below standard in 2016) to make accelerated progress so that they are meeting or exceeding the relevant standard by the end of 2017.

Target Group

*Issraa, *Cohen, *Alex W, *Libby Sloan, *Hannah

  1. Inquiry (Individual): A robust teacher inquiry process including evidence based decision making leading to improvements in student achievement in maths through communities of mathematical inquiry;

  1. Inquiry (JK): A professional learning community culture that values collaborative inquiry, and joint creation of knowledge;

  1. Personal/Professional:
  1.  lead Dinah maths maintenance across the school.
  2. lead writing maintenance for the COL (within school teaching leader role) and throughout the school.