Preferred First Name in Student Records

This procedure explains how students may indicate their preferred first name in student records. BSU employees who are also students may use the preferred first name option as described below.

BSU is pleased to offer a preferred name option to students who wish to be known by a preferred first name on class rosters, grade lists, ID cards, Blackboard, student email addresses, when entering residence halls, and other instances. Not all BSU systems, however, enable the use of a preferred name.  For example, degree audits use students’ legal names.  Other federal reporting requirements require the University to use students’ legal names.

BSU has established procedures which would allow you, if you so desire, to use a first name different than your legal first name on certain University records:

If you change your preferred first name for the above purposes, that does not change your legal name with BSU, and ALL other University records will still reflect your legal name. Examples of records showing legal names are such things as transcripts, degree audits, degree certificates, financial records, W-2 forms, newspaper articles, enrollment data, financial aid documents and mailing information. To change the name on these records, you must make a legal name change and then inform the University.

To change your first name on class rosters and grade lists

To obtain a new Connect card bearing your preferred first name:

To change your preferred name in Blackboard:

To change your display name for your student email:

To change how your name is listed in the email Global Address Book (this is not the same as the directory)

Updated 8/2017 by Lee Forest, GLBTA Pride Center