Using Pinto and Keeler Templates Yourself

Step 1: Locate the Template you want

When using a template from another teacher there are 2 ways it might be shared with you.

  1. Prompted to make a copy:
    If you are prompted to make a copy you’re good to go, it is now your document for you to modify as you wish.
  2. NOT prompted to copy:
    If you are viewing the document, you will need to make a copy manually.
    You will want to use the FILE menu and make a copy.

Some templates: 

Pinto Templates:

Keeler Templates:  and 

Step 2: Edit the Title

Since you made a copy you now own the document. It is yours. Edit the title so it has the assignment number in it.

Step 3: CLOSE IT

For real. There is no save button. So make a copy, retitle it and close it. Done.

Step 4: Google Classroom

Make a new assignment in Google Classroom.

Click on the Drive icon to add the template from your Google Drive.
Since you JUST made the copy, it should be listed first for you to attach.
If you copied it earlier, do a search to find your template.

Step 5: Make A Copy for Each Student

By default, the template you attach is “Students can view file.”

You want to click on the arrow to switch to “Make a copy for each student.”

Step 6: Assign

Click the blue assign button