1. Who was Andrew Jackson?

A. An Indian

B. A factory owner

C. The President of the United States

D.The Vice President of the United States

E. A soldier

2. What was the Trail of Tears?

A. A journey where all Indians were taken from there homes and forced to walk to a new location.

B. A journey that all single people had to take.

C. A bike path.

D. An old road in Pennsylvania that all the herses took to funerals.

E. Andrew Jackson's driveway.

3.  What year was the Indian Removal Act passed?

A. 1206

B. 1650

C. 1792

D. 1830

E. 1860

4. Name the 5 civilized tribes.

A. Cherokee,Creek,Chickasaw,Sentinel,Choctaw

B. Cherokee,Creek,Chickasaw,Seminole,Chalkboard

C. Cherokee,Creek,Bow-chica-wow-wow,Seminole,Choctaw

D. Cherokee,Creek,Chickasaw,Seminole,Choctaw

E. There were no civilized tribes

  1. What the discovery of what started the removal of the Native Americans?

A. Silver

B. Platinum

C. Gold

D. Oil

E. Soup

6. Where was the Native Americans new territory?


B. Florida

C. Georgia

D. Canada

E. Florence, Italy

7. Which five states did Native Americans cross during the Trail of Tears?

A. Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma

B. S. Carolina, Texas, California, Virginia, New York

C. New York, New Jersey, Maine, Michigan, Indiana

D. North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee

E. Texas, Florida, Georgia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina

8. How many Cherokees were forced on the Trail of Tears?

A. 50

B. 5,000

C. 16,000

D. 100,000

E. None. They all came willingly

9.  How many Cherokees died on the Trail of Tears?

A. 1-20

B. 100-200

C. 2,000-4,000

D. 10,000-20,000

E. None

10. What was a cause of the Cherokee's deaths?

A. Murder

B. Disease

C. Lack of food and water

D. All of Above

11.  When was the Trail of Tears?

A. 1832-1952

B. 1838-1839

C. 1727

D. 1954

E. None of the above

12. The United States Government was able to own Cherokee lands east of the Mississippi because:

 A. the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee land belonged to the US Government.

B. the Cherokee wanted to sell their land east of the Mississippi and move to better land.

C. the US Government/Jackson were able to use force against the Cherokee to give up the land.


13. Why did most white Americans want to move the Native American tribes west of the Mississippi?

 A. They wanted the Native Americans land.

 B. They wanted to give the Native Americans their own country.

 C. It was a decision made by the US Supreme Court.

14. Which of the following statements about the Trail of Tears is an opinion?

 A. The Trail of Tears is named so because the journey was incredibly difficult and devastating to the tribes forced to march it.

 B. The forced removal of Native Americans from their homelands was the cruelest act performed by the government in United States history.

 C. The Cherokee formed their own government with a constitution and court system modeled after those of the United States.

15. Which of the following statements about the Trail of Tears is FALSE?

 A. The Trail of Tears was forced upon the Cherokee by the US Government.

 B. The Cherokee were the only tribe removed from their land by the US Government.

 C. The lands given to the Native Americans forced them to change their lifestyles.


16. About how many miles were the Cherokees forced to march?

A. 100 - 400 Mile

B. 600 - 1000 Miles

C. 4000 - 6000 Miles


17. From which state to which present-day state were Cherokees forced to march?

A.  From Georgia to Oklahoma

 B. From Virginia to Texas

C. From Ohio to Oregon

18. What was the name of the law that moved the Native Americans?

 A. Guess what? You’re going to Oklahoma Act!

B.  Indian Removal Act 1830

C. Indian Vacation Act

19. A

20. A