Watch Me Grow: Digital Portfolios in Elementary Music

Brenda Muench -

Seesaw set up


  1. creates class
  2. If using QR codes:
  1. Teacher adds student names (using class code instead of Google accounts or email addresses - don’t have to do this if using email to set up class)
  2. Post QR code if choosing to sign up by code
  1. If using Google accounts
  1. Gives students text code (only good for 15 mins)
  2. Student names will come over with their other information in their Google Account

SHARED DEVICES: students stay logged into the class but AFTER creating their entry they choose their name from the class list.

If set up for 1:1 - students stay logged into their account only. If you are the only teacher in your building using Seesaw the QR codes are quick and easy BUT if other teachers are using Seesaw the kids will have to rescan the QR code for your classes every time they come to you. Either make a small QR code flip card for each kids’ classes or use the Google Account option instead. With the Google option all the student’s classes show up on the same screen list.

Under Manage Class

Manage Teachers - share a class

Student likes and comments - turn off comments/approval needed

Enable Parent Access

Print Invites with QR code for parent’s ease


        Manage Folders


See videos about Seesaw