Begging, Borrowing, and Bartering, the Secrets to Producing on a Micro-Budget | Hosted by Ms. In The Biz

Friday August 13  |  3:00pm



Leah Cevoli

Leah Cevoli is an actress, producer, writer, and host; most notably known for voicing over 30 characters on Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken and her work on HBO’s Deadwood. Recent projects include the animated film “The Grid: Zombie Outlett Maul” available on Amazon Prime, the full-length doc “Remember The Sultana” and the award-winning Indie-Feature Nowhereland. As the founder of "All Shapes and Sizes Welcome: Body Image & Women’s Issues in Entertainment, Leah is a regular speaker at Comic Cons and film festivals around the US. She has a reputation for crowdfunding success and social media magic.  To date, Cevoli has managed 40+ crowdfunding campaigns across multiple platforms and has raised over $3,000,000.



Alexandra Boylan

Alexandra Boylan is the co-founder of MirrorTree Productions, which has produced four feature films, Home Sweet Home, Catching Faith, Wish For Christmas, and At Your Own Risk. Alexandra is also the Co-Creator of Your Perfect Adventure the first of its kind live action, movie, app game Your Pizza Adventure which brings a new platform of entertainment to the world, melding video games and movies into one. Her film Catching Faith is currently streaming on Netflix and available on the shelves of Walmart. She is an active member of Woman in Film in Los Angeles and hopes to continue to create strong female driven content for audiences everywhere. Alexandra is also the Outreach Coordinator for Ms In The Biz, and co-author of the book Thriving in Hollywood! Tenacious Tales and Tactics from Ms. In The Biz.


America Young

America Young works in many aspects of film-making. From directing to stunts to voice over for film, TV & Video Games.   She has directed 6 web series, 2 music videos and 13 shorts.   America is so excited that all her years of production experience and geek obsessions culminated into directing her first feature, a pop-culture comedy called The Concessionaires Must Die!! which is executive produced by Stan Lee and now in post. (www.cmdthemovie.com)   And she JUST wrapped on a web series, Whatta Lark, that pairs a quiet, uncertain, introverted woman with the fiercest and most loveliest of Drag Queens.


Helenna Santos

Helenna Santos is the Founder of “Ms. In The Biz”. She is also a producer, writer, and actor with Mighty Pharaoh Films. She can often be found on panels and appearances at conventions such as San Diego “Comic-Con”, and has been interviewed by major press outlets including CNN and FOX News.  Her work as a contributing writer has been featured in MovieMaker Magazine, Backstage Magazine, and Women and Hollywood, and she co-authored the book "Thriving in Hollywood! Tenacious Tales and Tactics from Ms. In The Biz". She is currently in post-production for the feature film "At Your Own Risk" and pre-production for the sci-fi movie "The Sound".

Etta Devine

Etta Devine is an actor and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She recently directed and starred in the feature "Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse" with Gabriel Diani. Their first movie, "The Selling," played at over 30 film festivals and got a limited theatrical release and international distribution. Also with Gabriel Diani, she published "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn {Robotic Edition}" and is half of the comedy duo "Diani & Devine." She has raised around $160K on Kickstarter over three projects and can be heard doing multiple voices for the hit cartoon "Bee and Puppycat."