Ward 30 Bike Meeting

Tuesday, 7 April 2014–7-9 pm

Ralph Thornton Centre

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Patrick, Warren, Vivien, Gerry, Michael, Don, Ravi, Brandon, Sylvia, Paul.

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  1. Ongoing projects update:

  1. Felstead cut through
  • Ravi updated: Councillor’s office is working with City Cycling staff on a solution to allow bike access but limit motorcycle traffic as desired by locl residents; also looking to lower speed limits to 30km/h. Aiming still for spring.

Ravi to follow up

  1. Riverdale Ave Bike lanes
  • Gerry provided update:  Riverdale traffic group has released their draft proposal - bikes lanes not included; decided parking islands is better.
  • Public meeting week of May 11th
  • Ward 30 Bikes discussed issues
  • Next steps: draft bike lane proposal/ amendments for the public meeting (Sylvia); possibly add Langley as a secondary proposal
  • Paul noted to be clear on objectives (similar to Gardiner -  e.g., traffic times, safety, etc.)
  • Michael: although I didn’t mention this at the meeting, another possibility is - instead of parking islands - woonerf Riverdale Ave.        

Sylvia to draft proposed amendments re RIverdale Ave.

  1. Dundas St E bike lane closure
  • All approvals in place.  Waiting for developer to do the work, should be happening now

Ravi to contact developer to find out when it’s happening

  1. Leslie Street sidewalk
  • Additional poles have been installed in sidewalk; no update from City staff. But Ravi says Susan Serran has an update for us.

Vivien to email Susan

  1. Riverside Square Development (Broadview south of Queen)
  • Community Consultation was March 4th
  • Michael tried to join the stakeholder group (SAC), but was emailed to inform him that he was not selected
  • Stakeholder Mtg #1 was 23 Mar

Gerry to contact developer to inquire why ward30bikes not in stakeholder group.

Paul to follow up with local group concerned with affordable retail in the area if they are a stakeholder

Michael to share with the group again the email re SAC

  1. Access to lake, Ryerson study / mtg at City Hall                
  • Brandon, Ravi updated group on mtg held in March, and Paula’s ideas for the ward
  • City staff is expected to interpret the Ryerson study and get back to us
  • We shared our problems & opportunities map with the City
  • Don suggested we nominate the students/study for a Urban planning award

Ravi will share a formal notes from the meeting

Don to follow up on an Urban planning award

g) Waterfront Toronto

Antony Ward19 captain set up meeting with Waterfront Toronto

Public TownHall meeting April 1st - Vivien attended, no important updates to share.

Michael to share on google groups meeting minutes from Antony (Ward19 captain)

h) Danforth working group

Last mtg Mar 26th.  update posted in Google Groups.   Call for volunteers coming soon.

Warren has a contact at Re-Reading

Sylvia / Brandon / Patrick to update after next meeting

Ravi to send a copy of what Paula has asked the city for

i) First Gulf “Project 21” Stakeholder committee

Ward 30 Bikes has been invited to have a representative as part of the Stakeholder committee for the 21 Don Roadway plan (now called “Project 21”) First meeting set for Mon. April 20 6-9pm.

Gerry has volunteered to be our representative on the stakeholder committee - thanks!

Gerry to join stakeholder group, will keep us updated


Brandon gave an update: there’s lots happening at PWIC. We wrote a letter about PW2.11 (A Road Safety Plan for Toronto), which was sadly referred by council back to PWIC. Later this week, PWIC considers more exciting things, such as PW3.3, a motion re: 30km/h speed limit policy.

Ravi said we should address our individual letters to the chair and cc the councilor

Group discussed possibility of sending out an action alert to the mailchimp list.

Ravi encouraged not to do form letters, diversity of voices is better.  

Brandon to keep the group informed

Ravi to communicate Paula’s stance on the matter

Ravi to check if Road Safety is on this week’s agenda.


a) Riverdale Park Clean Up Day - Apr 19, 10am

  • Ravi updated group about what the events are like, noted that mulch/compost will be available
  • Discussed possibility of compost delivery via bike cargo
  • Ravi recommended we go to the clean up days this year to see what we could do for future events.

Sylvia / Don to go to the Riverdale Park clean up

b) Earth Day at SRHC - Apr 22

  • Paul updated: 3pm - 6pm, bike repair will be on.  5pm there will be a walk down to the shiplands from the SRCHC
  • We should have upcoming events like bike to work information at the table
  • We should have examples of what we do:  example, our work on the Dundas construction issue
  • Try to get adverts for Bell on Danforth

Sylvia / Michael to join Paul at event

Michael to get banner from Ben, and bring our standard stuff

Sylvia to stop by Cycle Toronto for kit info

c) Janes Walk - May 1,2,3rd

  • Michael suggested a Ryerson study bike route “active transportation route” sponsored by Ward30bikes

Michael & Don to organise a Jane’s Walk

d) Withrow Park Farmers Market Opening Day - May 23rd

  • in coordination with Ward29

Michael to coordinate with Ben (to choose)and Patrick (Withrow) Warren (Leslieville), plus Brandon (both)

e) Bike Month’s Bike To Work Day - May 25th        

  • Discussed alternative route along Dundas for those further south

Paul to organize Dundas; whoever can attend will ride it.

f) Bike Month’s Bike to School Week @ Withrow Jr PS May 25th - May 29th

  • Sylvia discussing with school.  Hoping for bike train, plus tech table
  • Same week as EQAO testing

Sylvia to keep group informed

g) Riverside BIA Beats & Eats Festival - June 6th

  • Plans for a dedicated bike area, Brandon updated: possible bike rodeo, decorate bikes for Bells on Danforth, community ride?

Brandon to stay updated

Michael has volunteered

Brandon - send out a call to action / call for volunteer email blast

h) Bells on Danforth - June 7th

  • not too late to volunteer to help!

Brandon to keep us informed

i) Leslieville Tree Festival - June 13

  • Discussed event, Michael will organise, Ravi commented on permits

Michael - organising

Ravi to help with permits

j) Tour de Tarts! - TBA

  • A yummy Ward30 social bike ride

Warren will be taking this project on

3.  Next meeting

Tuesday May 5th 7pm

Brandon to book meeting room


Portlands stakeholder, Gardiner public meeting coming up in April.  



Resource persons:

Special notes:

Below are the working groups / ‘sub-committee’ working on each project (people always welcome to join!)

Felstead Ave Cut Through:                        Michael, Sylvia

Riverdale Ave bike lanes:                        Sylvi, Michael, Brandon, Gerry, Patrick

Dundas East Bike lane closure:                        Michael, Vivien

Unilever site development:                        Brandon

Cycle TO bike to school project:                        Vivien

Lower Don Trail access ramp:                        Michael , Paul, Vivien

Leslie Barns CLG                                 Michael, Vivien

Carlaw/Dundas study                                 Michael

South of Eastern Avenue Strategic Plan          Michael

Port Lands Acceleration                                Michael

Community Events                                Ben, Michael                         

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