The goal of Ionia High School’s English department is to help students become lifelong learners and readers. As such, we require students to read during the summer. Students are encouraged to find reading material of interest and read as much as possible during the summer break. Such reading will expand their knowledge of the world and help students practice and maintain reading skills while promoting a broader literary perspective.

REQUIREMENTS:         All students should select one book of their choice to read this summer.  

Additionally, honors level students should select a second book from the summer

reading list below. Please write the title and author of your book(s) in the boxes below.

1984 by Orwell                        Antigone by Sophocles                Don Quixote by Cervantes        

Frankenstein by Shelley                Life of Pi by Martel                Man in the Iron Mask by Dumas

The Things They Carried by O’Brien

SUMMARY:                  If you are an honors student, please write summaries for both books in the space

below. All other levels need to write one (1) summary.

BOOK SUMMARY #1                BOOK TITLE:                                        AUTHOR:

BOOK SUMMARY #2                BOOK TITLE:                                        AUTHOR:

STUDENT NAME: ____________________________________

PARENT or GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: _____________________________