Yearbook (CTE, FA)

1460 Year

Grades 10-12

Homework: 1

Fee: see Fee Chart

Prerequisite: Application, letter of recommendation, and teacher permission.

Want to be part of the team that records the memories of your high school’s year? The yearbook staff is responsible for the design, publication, photography, and sales of the yearbook under the direction of an advisor and editors. Computer desktop layout and design using Adobe InDesign is an integral part of this course instruction and use. The advisor selects students on the basis of experience, dedication, dependability, work ethic, GPA, and interest. Special training sessions will be held. Students must be able to work independently on assignments and meet publisher deadlines. Being on the yearbook staff is a privilege given to those who are responsible and ready to work. This is a real work experience, which can be used as part of a resume if completed successfully.