Web Time Entry - EOU Faculty & Administrative Professional Training Manual

Web Time Entry (WTE) is the web-based application that collects leave information for EOU Faculty & Administrative Professionals in Webster. EOU Faculty & Administrative Professionals are responsible for entering and submitting their leave every pay period. Supervisors are responsible for approving the reported leave. Once the supervisor has approved the leave, they are automatically loaded into the payroll process for payment.

NOTE: Actual Pay Period for EOU Faculty & Administrative Professionals is the 1st - the 31st of each month. All Faculty & Administrative Professionals must get their timesheets submitted to their supervisor(s), no later than the 5th of the following month. Supervisors must get them submitted to Payroll by the 8th of the following month to ensure they get paid on time at the end of the month.

NOTE: You only have to do this process each month if you have leave (sick or vacation) to report based on what type of contract you are under. If you aren’t taking sick, vacation or leave without pay, then you do not have to enter your leave report for that particular month.

#1)  Visit my.eou.edu and log into Webster.


#2)  Click on the [Employee Services] tab and click on the “Leave Report” link.

#3)  Select the pay period you’ll be entering your time into and click the [Leave Report] button at the bottom. if you’re reporting on multiple jobs, select the one you’re entering your time on.

#4)  Begin entering your leave by selecting the day you want to report. Based on the type of contract you are currently under, 9 Month Faculty would only enter their sick leave where 12 Month Faculty and Administrative Professionals would enter their sick and vacation leave.

#5)  Once you select the date to enter your leave, be sure to enter it in 15 minute intervals. Click the [Next] button to scroll through the next set of pay period dates. Be sure to click [Save] at the bottom to save your time so it automatically calculates your hours for you. Repeat this step for each day you report leave during the pay period. Click the [Restart] button if you need to clear out the times you entered for that pay period.

#6)  If you have multiple days to report sick or vacation leave, you can copy it to other days by selecting the [Copy] button on the day you wish to copy the time over. Then select the specific days you wish to copy the time punches over to and then select [Copy] once again at the bottom of the screen to complete the action. Click [Leave Report] to return to the previous screen.

#7)   You may also leave comments for your supervisor on your leave report by clicking the [Comments] button and then type in your comments and click [Save]. They will be included when you submit your leave report.

#8)  Once you have all of your leave recorded and reviewed click the [Submit for Approval] button. This will send your Leave Report for this pay period to your supervisor to approve to send to the payroll department. If your supervisor has issues or corrections for you, they will send it back to you and notify you that your timesheet requires your attention. Remember that your timesheet must be submitted to the payroll department by the 5th of the following pay period month to ensure you receive a paycheck by the end of the month. You supervisor could return your timesheet to you for corrections - watch your email for alerts if it is returned to you.

#9)   To check your sick Leave Balances in Webster, click the [Employee Services] and select “Leave Balances”.

#10)   Once you submit your timesheet for approval, you’ll receive email alerts when the timesheet has been approved or when it’s returned to you for corrections. If you receive the alert that the timesheet is returned for corrections, review, edit and re-submit it ASAP.

#11)   If you wish to report any Leave Without Pay for the pay period, you will need to complete a separate form to submit to Payroll. The form is called “Leave Without Pay Taken” and is located here: www.eou.edu/payroll/forms/. This form will require your supervisor’s signature.

#12)   If you wish to print your leave report for the pay period (PDF Format - single page), simply click [Print Leave Report]. Please note this feature will only be available once you submit your Leave Report to your supervisor.

Example #1)   9 Month Faculty Leave Report

Example #2)   12 Month Faculty Leave Report

Example #3)   Administrative Professional Leave Report