Warm Up Tickets

Exit Tickets


Read Article answer questions

Read class blog and respond

Quizlet - students work on vocabulary skills for the unit we are studying.

Post-it Question - students use padlet to post a question on something they didn’t understand or want to know further about what was taught that day.

Three Statements - give a topic or main concept and they give 3 facts, explanation or ideas they know about it. Even doing research if necessary.

Big Idea of the day - students tell what main idea they learned that day. Use Twitter

Write on your blog - about the unit we are studying

Word of the day - students use a vocabulary term and tell the meaning and give an antonym, synonym, etc

Answer a Post-it Question - Students research an answer a question that was posted by the another student.

Thought Provoking Quote - use twitter and answer what they think about the quote.

Current Event Article & respond - students use set of websites designated on Canvas or Google docs.

Piece of Art - students look at a picture and explain what they see or how they feel.  They can hypothesis what happens before and after the picture. Can use Tagul or pictochart for this.


Article of the Week on current topics trending in the news - kids read and annotate on their own, discuss as a whole class - use AudioBoom

Most important aspect of today’s class was... - use Twitter (great for being concise)

Establish prior knowledge with a question about the day’s topic, kids post to Twitter

3-2-1: 3 questions they have, 2 things they have learned, 1 thing they want to know more about

Post an open ended question use a backchannel like Socrative to track answers

Give feedback on another student’s writing using GoogleDocs

Grammar practice using a piece of text the students have previously read

Create a Voki to post a question about the day’s lesson

Create a photo collage using Canva. Students make predictions about the day’s reading based on the collage.

Summarize the day’s lesson or a story we have read by creating a word cloud on Wordle. Take a screenshot to send to me.