Data From the Venetian Chamber of Commerce

This year was the very first time that the Venice Project Center (VPC) was given access to the historical data on the Venetian retail sector from the Chamber of Commerce. These records contain over 30,000 entries and go back as early as 1924. However, since businesses were not strictly required to register with the Chamber of Commerce prior to 1996, the entries before this year are not as accurate or complete as those after. Moreover, this dataset is different from the store information collected by VPC teams in past years (to find out more about how data was collected by the 2015 VPC Shops and Stalls team click here). While the Chamber of Commerce keeps a record of shops stemming from the registration documents each owner must file with the city, these records do not incorporate the VPC’s advanced NACE code nor do they include an image of the store-front or how the businesses use public space outside their business. However, the data from the Chamber of Commerce does include a historical record set which does include information on the residency of ownership which is information the VPC has not had before.

To find out more information about how the Shopp Mapp App displays Chamber of Commerce data check out our about page here.

The 2015 Shops and Stalls team would also like to give a big thank you to Fabio Vianello for helping us get this data from the Chamber of Commerce.