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New Swimmer Questions and Answers
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  1. My Daughters are ages 7 and 10 and are strong swimmers.  Which program would I sign them up for?
  1. All of our new swimmers should sign up for New Swimmer group.  During the first week of practices you should report to the Development level practices.  The coaches will evaluate each swimmer and will assign those not already assigned to a practice group.  It is very common for all of our new swimmers to be in development for their first season practicing with us.
  1. Is there a Try-Out?
  1. Yes - From the Policy and Procedures: “Try-Out: There is a certain amount of ability each swimmer must demonstrate.  It is possible that your young swimmer would be better served to have additional "learn-to-swim" instruction time prior to joining us.  The coaches will explain this to you if they feel it necessary.”
  1. Where are practices mostly held?  
  1. Practices and locations are listed on the website under “Calendar/Schedules”.  Changes to practices occur from time to time.  Please provide an email that you check regularly so that you are alerted to any last minute changes.
  2. Locations are listed in the Policy and Procedures.
  1. I am interested in signing my 7 year old daughter up for your program.  She is currently in her second season with the Summer Swim Team, and is not progressing as well as I thought she would/should...   I have heard great things about it and I am interested in learning more about dues/sessions/etc...
  1. You can find information in our Policy and Procedures for our current season.  We also hold a New Parent Information meeting in August.  Dates will be posted on the website when available.
  1. My son is 8 and is a basic swimmer but has been gaining an interest in swimming since watching his cousin compete at meets!  Can you please give me information on what programs might be available to get him involved in?
  1. If your swimmer can handle 2 to 3 practice each week where he will be in the water swimming for an hour at a time then our development group is likely a good fit.  
  2. If your swimmer struggles to swim 25 yards without stopping then we would likely suggest he participate in a quality “learn-to-swim” program or try a summer league team to get a taste for swimming.
  1. Can you please tell me if the days for the development swimmers will still be Mon, Tues, and Thursday for 2015-16?
  1. We try to provide a consistent practice schedule that considers the age of swimmers and the time of day practices will be held.  There are some occasions where the facilities that we rent lane time from have conflicts that we cannot avoid.  Each season a Current practice schedule will be posted under “Calendar/Schedules”.
  1. I am interested in getting my eight year old daughter started with Swim Strong this year.  She has been on a summer league for 3 years now and has also participated in Fast Lane Swim School.  So, I believe she would want to join the short course program this school year.  
  1. I would agree.  It would be a good idea to discuss group assignments with the coaches at the New Parent Information meeting.  Even though she has a swimming background they will still help define the “right group” for each swimmer.
  1. My son is 10yrs old and has been swimming in the SSL for 3 yrs now. He is interested in joining swimstrong. I have heard from other parents that you have an informational meeting before fall sign ups. Can you let me know if you are having one this year and where/when?
  1. Yes, each August we hold a New Parent Information meeting.  To ensure you are alerted as to the date and time of the meeting you can click on “Contact Us” on our website and put in the comments that you would like to attend the “New Parent Meeting”
  1. I am a parent of a swimstrong swimmer.  We want our child to swim at a meet that is not on the team schedule.  Can we do that?
  1. Only under special circumstances will the coaches support swimming at a meet without one of our coaches present.  We try to offer a variety of meets to provide opportunities for each swimmer to achieve their goals.  The question would be asked as to why you wish to swim at this meet.  That conversation should be had with a coach.  This is usually a very uncomfortable situation for a swimmer, especially junior swimmers.  Meets are enjoyable because they have friends and coaches around that they can talk to while waiting for their next event.
  1. When can we join?
  1. There are three registration windows each year.  
  1. What are the costs?
  1. You can always find the current list of dues in the Policy and Procedure.  Any discount or payment options are described there as well.
  1. I just want to sign up on a month to month basis.  What are the costs for that?
  1. We do not offer a month to month option.  Because we must agree to rent a certain amount of space each year from local facilities we must get a longer commitment from our membership.
  1.  What are the expectations of Swim Strong parents and families?
  1. We are a volunteer run Not-For-Profit Organization.  We have many ways that our parents can and must help out.  Parents can help to chair certain job functions throughout the year.  Parents can serve on the board of directors.  Parents can help out at events.
  2. The biggest need is for volunteers for the Kelly Kinney Memorial Splash Out Cancer meet that is held in the Fall.  This is a requirement of all parents to help out with our meet in some fashion.  There is a financial penalty if a parent cannot or does not fulfill this obligation.  It is a fun and popular event that generates thousands every year for cancer research.
  1. What are the available discounts?
  1. The list of discounts can be found in the Policy and Procedure.
  1. Is there a trial period?
  1. The trial period is only offered during the fall signups and expires on Friday of the second week of the Fall practice schedule for each group.  If we are notified of a NEW Swimmer’s intent to not stay with our club during those two weeks then the initial payment and USA-Swimming registration fee will be refunded.
  1. When is there a meeting that I can attend?
  1. Yes, each August we hold a New Parent Information meeting.  To ensure you are alerted as to the date and time of the meeting you can click on “Contact Us” on our website and put in the comments that you would like to attend the “New Parent Meeting”
  1. Can someone give me a phone call?
  1. Phone calls are very difficult for us to return.  As volunteers we all have our own professional careers outside of the team that we are obligated to each day.  We volunteer because we want to help.  The size of our team makes it impossible to return everyone’s request for phone calls.
  2. If you are a New Parent, it is strongly advised that you attend the New Parent Information Meeting.  We will respond to emails as quickly as we can.  
  3. Keep in mind that an answer to nearly every question exists on this page or in our Policy and Procedure.
  1. If I am just going to do the trial period or just try out do I have to register first?
  1. Yes, given our status as a USA-Swimming club and that of a Not-For-Profit-Organization our liability insurance is contingent on you going through the registration process.  It is mandatory that anyone getting in the water must be registered.  We have a very high retention rate for all of our trial period and the tryout.
  2. If a swimmer shows up for a practice that is not registered already the coaches are instructed to hold that swimmer out of the water.
  3. Do not wait until the afternoon of practice to register thinking you are in good standing.  As we are all volunteers it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to process registrations during normal working hours.