Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Just traveled back from doing an overnight photoshoot of two businesses out of town and one early this morning.  I was all done by 9:30 AM and started driving back to Dallas.  Instead of driving on the main highway, we decided to drive through town and enjoy our sightseeing of locals along the way.  Wow!  It was amazing!  We came across little community that is thriving very nicely for a town of few thousand people. Then we came across another town that it looks like it was totally abandoned.  I ended up having to make a stop and went to a local Dairy Queen and order food for the first time!  I ordered the chicken fingers.  Next to us were a few families with children. They were so well behave.  I was so impressed. Each child was so happy that they can have a free ice cream from DQ! From this little trip, we learned a few very important things. One of them is, do not cancel the driving direction on the Google Map where you are lost and without an internet access :-)  That’ll be another story.  We got back home and totally exhausted from over 24 hours of driving and doing three major photoshoots, all three jobs in 12 hours.