1. Rule changes  

• Up to 2 Characters per unit can get "look out sir" against the following spells: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation and Dreaded 13th. Normal requirements for Look Out, Sir! apply.

• Unit garrisoned in a building is never considered Steadfast, unless it is Stubborn

2. Magic Restrictions

• An army may use up to maximum 12 power dice during each magic phase

• A player can never use more than 5 power dice to cast a spell, no matter the source. For the Lore of Death and the Okkam's Mindrazor spell, this is lowered to 4 power dice.

• Apart from Winds of Magic, an army may only generate up to 2 additional Power or Dispel Dice per magic phase (including channelling). Any extra dice above this is discarded and lost.

3. Army Building Restrictions

• All the Army building restrictions are applied only during the creation of the roster, and may be ignored during the game (for example, by joining characters to units or creating new units)

• The army lists allowed are those from any of the currently published GW Army Books, and The Legion of Azgorh from Tamurkhan. No other unit or army list may be used on the event.

• Armies of the End Times and Lore of Undeath are not allowed and their rules will not be used

• Special or Named Characters are not allowed

• Fozzrik’s Folding Fortress may not be taken.

• Units cannot be more than 60 models nor 450 points. This does not apply to characters.

• All army sizes are 2400 pt, except when specifically stated in brackets.

Beastmen (2700)

• Maximum unit point cost is increased to 550

• Victory points achieved against Beastmen are decreased by 10%

• May generate up to 3 Power Dice

• Gor and Minotaur units may carry magic standards (max 50 points)

• Beastmen rare monsters have the Regeneration (5+) special rule

• Replace Beastmen Ambush special rule with Ambush special rule from the rulebook

• Unless playing Tomb Kings Beastmen always get to pick table sides

Bretonnia (2500) 

Chaos Dwarfs (2500)

• K'daai Destroyer/War Machine/Hellcannon (max 1)/Sorcerer-Prophet with Lore of Death, max 4

• Chalice of Blood and Darkness (counts as 2)/Death magic in the army/Dispel Scroll, max 2

• Ashstorm can’t be cast with more than 4 Power Dice

Daemons of Chaos (2600 if no Daemon of Nurgle in the army)

• Beast of Nurgle, max 7 models in total and 4 models per unit

• 4 or more Beast of Nurgle models in the army/Skull Cannon (max 1)/1st Nurgle Herald/Great Unclean One with Lore of Death, max 2

• Flesh Hounds of Khorne/Screamers of Tzeentch/Chaos Furies/Plague Drones of Nurgle, max 5

Dark Elves

• Reaper Bolt Thrower/Each 5 (or fraction) shade models/Dark Rider with Repeater Crossbow units/Darkshard units, max 7

• Dark Rider units, Character on Dark Steed, Character on Dark Pegasus, max 3 each

• Dark Rider models after 15/Doomfire Warlock models/Character on Cold One/Character on Dark Steed or Dark Pegasus (counts as 2), max 14

• 6 or more Doomfire Warlock models/mounted Supreme Sorceress with Lore of Death or Dark Magic/Sacrificial Dagger, max 1


• Cannon/Grudge Thrower/Organ Gun/Each 2 (or fraction) Gyrocopter after 2, max 4


Can take max 4 choices of the following:

- each 5 (or fraction) Demigryph Knight models (more than 10 Demigryph models counts as all 4 choices)

- Steam Tank (counts as 2, max 1)

- each Light Wizard after the first in an army with War Altar

- one or more duplicated war machines (Great cannon max 2 if Steam Tank in the army)

High Elves

• Book of Hoeth/Banner of the World Dragon/Frostheart Phoenix/Star Dragon/Moon Dragon/4 or more mounted characters, max 2

• Archmage with Lore of Shadow or Death cannot use Book of Hoeth

• Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower/Each 8 (or fraction) Shadow Warrior or Sister of Averlon models/Archer units, max 7

• Ellyrian Reaver units, max 3

Lizardmen (2500)

• Skink Skirmisher units (max 4)/Skink Cohort unit/Flying units or characters/Salamander models, max 14

Ogre Kingdoms (2500)

• Gnoblar units with less than 20 models, max 3

• Crown of Command (counts as 2)/Rune maw/4 or more Characters (counts as 2)/6 or more Mournfang models/6 or more Maneater models, max 3

• 2nd Ironblaster (counts as 2)/Slaughtermaster/2nd Tyrant/4 or more Mournfang models, max 2

 Dispel Scroll/Hellheart/Rune maw/Ironblaster, max 2

Orcs and Goblins (2500)

• (2600) if no Doom Diver Catapult in the army

• Animosity table result of 1 only affects the unit that failed its animosity test, not every unit in 12"


• Rat Swarm units, Giant Rat units, Warlock Engineers, max 3 each

• Skaven Slave models, max 120

• Gutter Runners, max 20 models

• 2nd Warp Lightning Cannon (counts as 2)/Screaming Bell/Hellpit Abomination (max 1), max 2

• 2nd Warp Lightning Cannon/2nd Doomwheel, max 1

• Doom Rocket/Brass Orb/Power Scroll/Storm Banner, max 2

Tomb Kings (2700)

• Victory points achieved against Tomb Kings are decreased by 10%

• Maximum unit point cost is increased to 550

• Skeleton Archer models, max 80

• Neferra's Scrolls of Mighty Incantations can't be taken by model with Lore of Death

• If the army's Heirophant is killed, the army takes its crumble test immediately as normal.  Then the next highest level wizard using the Nehekharan Lore is promoted to Heirophant and can maintain the army, similar to the Vampire Counts.

• Units within 12" of the Hierophant can march during their Rest of Movements Sub-phase (But not with the Signature Spell)

• The Restless Dead - Animated Constructs will recover a single wound per successful CASTING of an augment spell on them. Not limited to one wound per phase.

• Necropolis Knights can take a Magic Banner costing up to 50 points

Vampire Counts

• Zombies, max 3 units and 120 models

• Dire Wolf/Fell Bat, max 4 units

• Ethereal Characters (max 2)/Ethereal units, max 3

• 2nd Crypt Horror unit/11 or more Hexwraith models (max 20)/2 or more Death spells in the army/Quickblood (only if combined with Red Fury), max 1

• Terrorgheist (max 1)/9 or more Crypt Horror models (max 16)/one or more Banshees/Red Fury, max 2

Warriors of Chaos

• Daemon Prince/Exalted Hero on Daemonic Mount/each Core Chaos Chariot after 2nd (max 4)/Skullcrusher unit, max 4

• Daemon Prince/mounted Lord/Chimera/Skullcrushers in the army, max 3

• 2nd Hellcannon/Lore of Death and/or Tzeentch in the army, max 1

• Third Eye of Tzeentch/Talisman of Preservation/Armour of Destiny, max 1 on the same model

• 2+ armor save or better/Daemonic Flight/3 or more Wizard levels/Mark of Nurgle/Lore of Death/Dragonhelm or Dragonbane gem, max 3 on the same Daemon Prince

Wood Elves

• Each 5 (or fraction) Waywatcher models/Waystalker, max 6

• Wild Rider/Glade Rider, max 4 units

• Lore of Death on spellweaver/Moonstone of the hidden ways/3 or more Waystalkers, max 1

7 or more Sisters of the Thorn in the same unit/Spellweaver on Elven Steed with Death or Dark magic, max 1

(• Forests placed by wood elf player can be magical)

4. Monster Mash:

• Every first choice of the following choices get a 50pts reduction (you do not get reduction on the second choice of the same monster or type):

Abyssal terror, all Giants, all Dragons, Shaggoth, Wyvern, Jabberslythe, Cygor, Manticore,

Carnosaur, Arachnarork, Hippogryph, Griffon, Ghorgon, Stonehorn, Thundertusk,

Troglodon, Carnosaurs, Slaughterbrute, Mutalith Vortex Beast, Treeman (including Ancient), Stegadon (including Ancient), Vermin Lord(100pts)

5. Line of Sight:

Simple Line of Sight. Terrain pieces are divided into ones that:

Block LoS: Hills, Buildings and impassable terrain.

Don't block LoS: all other terrain.

Unit is considered to be in hard cover when:

- Majority of unit's footprint is obscured from shooter's Line of Sight by one or more Interfering Unit(s) or LOS blocking terrain(s), as described on page 41 BRB

- Unit is garrisoning a Building, as described on page 127 BRB

- Majority of unit's front rank is defending an obstacle, as described on page 122 BRB and ETC FAQ 8.4. If the unit is being shot from the flank or the rear, treat the corresponding file or the last rank, respectively, as the front rank

- Majority of unit's footprint is in Ruins

Unit is considered to be in soft cover when:

- Majority of unit's footprint is in or behind woods, as described on page 119 BRB

Models shooting from hills or buildings don't get the hard cover penalty for shooting through interfering units, unless interfering the unit is also on hill.

Units with majority of its models on hill do not receive hard cover for being shot at through interfering units, unless that part of the units which interferes is also on hill. Units with majority of its models on hill do not receive hard cover for being partially obscured from the shooter's LoS by the same hill they are on.

Large Targets can't claim cover for obstacles, ruins and interfering units, unless interfering unit is also a Large Target. Large Targets which shoot don't suffer any penalties for interfering units, unless interfering unit is also a Large Target.