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Rally computer        2+

Rally computer 2+ GPS *

Rally computer 2 + and 2 + AZI ** GPS

Installation and configuration.

Instruction Manual.

* Content marked [GPS] is only for versions with built-in GPS or an external device connected such as Garmin. Working with an external GPS module, such as Garmin does not provide such precision as the built-in GPS.

** Content marked [azi] only for the version with the possibility of routing azimuths

Rally computer        2+

Rally computer 2+ GPS *

Rally computer 2 + and 2 + AZI AZI ** GPS

Installation and configuration.

Instruction Manual.






[azi] Connection with Garmin

Front panel view and description



Accessing CONF menu

method 1

method 2

Configuration menu


CAL value

CAL value - the measurement

CAL value - inserting

CAL value - selection



Functions and keys description

[azi] Creating  AZI files

[azi] Copying files to the tripmeter

[azi] Communication settings on Garmin

[azi] Garmin settings

[Azi] The process before and during the rally

before the rally:

during the rally:

[azi] Recall Azi function in the tripmeter




Rally Computer 2 is a professional device for use in flat races, off- road and navigation rallies. The functionality and ability to reset the tripmeter on the handlebar makes it very popular for motorcycles and ATVs .

The housing is made of aluminum and is waterproof protecting against external factors.

High-end electronics componentd ensure reliable operation and high-precision measurement.

Measurement results are presented on a super-bright, red LED display.

The tripmeter is operated using a 3-button keypad and the 4-button reset switch. These buttons have been permanently assigned to most measurement functions.

Rally computer 2+ is used to measure distance, speed, car voltage and course [GPS]




The tripmeter should be installed in a visible place, allowing the user easy access

to the front panel. The tripmeter comes with two M5 screws. The gap between the screws is  

40 mm.

Do not install the tripmeter in places that may cause its damage or malfunction such as : air bags area, air outlets and in places that may put the car and the driver at risk.

NOTE !  Turning  off the device does not cut the power supply completely. The tripmeter still consumes some power (reduced to minimum). When the device is not in use, it is advisable to disconnect it from the car electric installation which will prevent from discharging the battery. For best result it is recommended to install an external switch that totally disconnects the power supply.


The power supply should be reliable and stable providing power between 8 and 30 V.

This diagram below shows how to connect the tripmeter.


[azi] Connection to Garmin

The tripmeter is connected with Garmin using a Garmin cable equipped with a Superseal-type  connector. The signal transmission is performed using the RS232 standard.

Wires used with Garmin devices:

 Front Panel view and description        

            LED lights







[UP]  allows ODO adjustment by + 10m. Press and hold - adjusts +50 m/sec.

[F] - pressed briefly, deletes or recall the short route TRIP. Pressed longer displays other functions that can be viewed by short presses.

[DOWN] - allows ODO adjustment by -10 m. Press and hold - adjusts -50 m/sec.

Reset Switch

[blue] - works as the [UP] button on the tripmeter

[red] - works as the [F] button on the tripmeter  

[green] - works as the [DOWN] button on the tripmeter


The device does not have a power switch. When the power is supplied it is automatically ready for work. When not in direct use and ignition being off, the tripmeter goes to sleep mode. To bypass this mode the yellow wire can be connected directly to the main power.

When the power is ON :

From the START  up screen the tripmeter will turn itself off automatically after 1 minute (if the ignition is off)

To display the START screen at any stage,  press and hold [F] for 6 seconds.

Complete tripmeter shutdown from the buttons is not possible. Please refer to Installation section.


NOTE !!! The default settings are shown on the tripmeter’s Setting Card included in the packaging.

Accessing CONF menu

method 1

  1. Press and hold [F] for 6 sec to bring up the start screen shown as six underscore lines on display. If you can already see _ _ _ _ _ _  , skip this step.
  2. Turn off the power
  3. Switch the power ON. The display immediately shows 888888 and then the currently selected CAL value. Press quickly 3 x [UP] and 1 x [DOWN] to show the Config screen.

NOTE !!! You have 4 sec to press the keys above once the 888888 symbol shows.

  1. If the attempt is not successful, repeat step 1-3

method 2

  1. Press and hold [F] for 6 sec to bring up the start screen shown as six underscore lines on display. If you can already see _ _ _ _ _ _  ,skip this step.
  2. Press and hold [F] and [UP] and while holding both press [DOWN]. As soon as you press the third button the tripmeter will reset.
  3. The display will show 888888 and then the currently selected CAL value. Press quickly 3 x [UP] and 1 x [DOWN] to show the Config screen.
  4. If the attempt is not successful, repeat step 1-3

Configuration menu

To navigate the menu use the [UP] key.

To select the function press [DOWN].  

To change the value of a function press [UP].

To confirm the change press [DOWN] - the display flashes briefly.

To exit, press [F]. This will restart the tripmeter.

Available settings :

  1. Units - displayed as UNIT - choose between km or mile
  1. metr - metric
  2. imp - imperial system or British
  1. Pulses - displayed as IMPS - choose between road pulses + GPS or GPS  only
  1. i-off- GPS only - measurements start from 5 km/h
  2. i-on - pulses and GPS - pulses come from the car or additional sensor. Great accuracy.
  1. GPS - signal source selection
  1. brak - GPS is disabled
  2. [GPS] wew - internal GPS module enabled
  3. zew - external GPS module enabled
  1. GPS d - choose between having GPS ON and GPS OFF
  1. off - tripmeter uses pulses from the wheel
  2. on - GPS will contribute to road measurments
  1. UTC - displayed as UTC - choose from 24 time zones. Press [F] to select the zone  and [DOWN] to confirm the selection.
  2. DST - displayed as DST - choose between activating or deactivating summer time
  1. on - active
  2. off - inactive
  1. Multi k - displayed as null k - multiple CAL values
  1. on - working with multiple CAL values
  2. off - working with 1 CAL value

To confirm all selections press [F]. The tripmeter is reset which is confirmed with a long beep.


CAL value

This is the number of pulses measured in the vehicle on a section of 1000 m  

The CAL value can be obtained in 3 ways :

CAL value - the measurement

From the START screen, press and hold [DOWN] and while holding it, press [UP].

0 will show as readiness to start the measurements.

[UP] zero’s the measurements ​and immediately starts counting again.

[DOWN] confirms the measurement and allows to assign a number to that value if Multi k is ON.

Video  section : http://www.rajdowe-haldy.pl/wsparcie/video-instrukcje.html

CAL value - inserting

To save the CAL value into the tripmeter,  bring up the START screen and  press and hold [DOWN] and while holding it, press [F].

0 will show as readiness to insert the value.

[UP] increases the value of the digit

[DOWN] pressed briefly, moves the cursor to the left and allows to enter the next digit

NOTE !! when typing a CAL value greater than 5 digits number and when digit on the far left is off the display, dots between digits will show.

[DOWN] pressed long, saves the CAL value and moves to the next step to assign a number to the CAL value. The assigning number must be between 0-9.

Video section : http://www.rajdowe-haldy.pl/wsparcie/video-instrukcje.html

CAL value - selection

The tripmeter may have many CAL values saved in memory. The user has to select one !

To select, press simultanuously the [UP] and [DOWN] keys to bring the actual CAL value.

Using  [UP] or [DOWN]  select a new CAL value.

Press [F] to save the selection.

Video section : http://www.rajdowe-haldy.pl/wsparcie/video-instrukcje.html



Once the power is on, the tripmeter will automatically start or continue previous measurements.

From the START screen  (_ _ _ _ _ _) press [DOWN] to start measurments.

Functions and keys description

[F] or [red button] - deleting road TRIP -

If another function is displayed, press [F] to bring the TRIP function.

From keyboard and reset switch

Press and hold [F] or [red button] for 3 sec to access Menu.

The display is flashing. Press [F] or [red button] to choose from the following :

[TRACK] - shows the course if you using GPS. On  the left of the display

degree symbol will show. On the right the value of

the course deviation from the north.

[BAT] - car voltage - U symbol shows on the left of the display. The voltage value displays on the righ.

[TIME] - the time synchronized with GPS system displayed resolution of 0,1 seconds.

[LED] - [UP] or [blue button] and [DOWN] or [black button] changes the brightness of the display.

[SPEED] - Symbol S is displays on the left. The current speed is shown on the right.

From Menu

Press [UP] or [blue button] and [DOWN] or [black button]-for to display the total distance [ODO] 

Each next pressing will increase/decrease ODO value by 10m.

Press and hold the button to adjust by 50m/sec.

To cancel ODO press and hold [F] until the display begins to flash. After 3 sec the display stops flashing and ODO is now reset to zero.

From keyboard and reset switch

Video section : http://www.rajdowe-haldy.pl/wsparcie/video-instrukcje.html

[azi] Creating AZI files

Using Notepad or TextEdit-type program, create a file as per the following example:








Explanation of the first line :

9 - number of the grid in the road-book in which is recorded the first azimuth

341.1 - course entered in grid 9

3659 - distance in meters in grid 9

Example of a saved file : rc2.txt

The file can now be saved onto a memory stick !

[azi] Copying files to the tripmeter

Bring the START screen and  insert the memory stick into the USB port. The file transfer will start automatically. Once complete File ok will show on the display.

[azi] Communication Settings on Garmin

Garmin device must be set in such a way that the serial port provides a bidirectional data transmission.

Data format: NMEA IN / NMEA OUT

Transmission speed : 4800

[azi] Garmin settings

When senidng the first waypoint to Garmin, waypoint called RC2 will save in Garmin’ memory.

Use Garmin menu to select navigation to that point. Eachtime the tripmeter will send a waypoint, Garmin will automatically overwrite the previous waypoint.

Choose Waypoints from Garmin menu, select waypoint RC2 and click GO.

A purple line will show on the map, indicating the route from you are to the waypoint destination.

[Azi] The process before and during the rally

before the rally:

during the rally:

Navigating start automatically in the tripmeter as well as in Garmin.

[azi]  Recall AZI function in the tripmeter



Warranty is for a period of 60 months from the date of sale and will be valid if the product was not used according to its intended purpose. Warranty includes product faults and malfunction that prevent the user from using the device as intended. Faults and malfunctions resulting from a mechanical damage, alterations or natural wear, are not subject of warranty.

The warranty is valid only with proof of purchase.

Name and Type: ........................................................

Date of sale : ..................................................

number: ...............................................

Instructions are available to download from our website: http:/ / rajdowe-haldy.pl/wsparcie/instrukcje.html


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