BGRS Responsible Digital Citizenship Through Admirable Use (Grades 5-12)

With teacher approval, students are encouraged to use both BGRS computers and their own devices in the classroom to access and save information from the Internet, collaborate with others, and utilize the productivity tools available to them through their student Google Apps accounts (maintained by Black Gold) and other approved tools.  When using digital devices, whether school or personally owned, you are expected to:

I will protect others by reporting abuse, not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications, and not visiting sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist, hate-filled or otherwise inappropriate.

By signing this agreement, I undertake to always act in a manner that is respectful to myself and others, and to act appropriately in a moral and ethical manner.

I agree to follow the principles outlined above and accept that failing to follow these will have disciplinary consequences.

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June 2016