Station Plans - Bitsy Griffin




Puzzles & Games

Art & Music

K-2 Listening

2-3 Library Helpers / Pleasure reading

Variety of books

Check in & Sort

Shelve Books

Adopt a shelf

Library Skills

ABCs first letter only

Parts of a book

Authors to book match

Fiction or nonfiction sort

Library Alphabet Book

ABCs 2nd & 3rd letters

Library Vocabulary

Spine Label Sort

Name that book (cover to description match)

Create your own spine label

Fiction or nonfiction sort

What’s my number

Dewey Decimal System Comic- I’ve got your number

Adopt a shelf

Social Studies


Seasonal information

Newspapers & Magazines

Travel the US (map activities)

50 states fact cards

Writing &


Story Sequencing

Word to picture match

Rhyming words (magnets)

Pete the cat - (practice sight words) 

Pocket Chart (word=picture=starting letter)

Pumpkin matching letters

Fall Word-Picture Match

Starting Letter LorP (leaf or pumpkin)

Sentence Building Tiles

Book Reviews

Idiom Match

Story Works magazine

Fact or Opinion

Reference Shuffle

Idiom Match

Story Works magazine

Graphic Organizers


Sequencing Cards

My Food Group Sort

Firefighter gear

Magnets - stick or not stick

Magnifiers & nature materials

File folder games (from Shoe Box Learning Centers: Science)

  • The circle of life
  • Critter sort
  • Whose baby hatched
  • All about insects
  • Foods to grow on

Science File Folder Games

Genetic Flip Chart with game

File Folder Games


Pattern Block Patterns

Linking cube patterns

Linking cubes -  more, less or same

Math facts cards

Going to Sam’s

  • I can add money and make change.


Fiction & Nonfiction

Nonfiction book bucket

Fiction/Nonfiction concentration (simple.

Did You Know?

Nonfiction Book Activities

Biography Graphic Organizer

InformationalText organizer

Nonfiction Book Activities




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