If you are looking at the login screen for the portal and don't see the Parent tab, please look in the lower right corner of the webpage for a link that says Go back to the Current version of Tyler SIS. Once you click that link and the page refreshes you should be able to view and access the Parent login for the portal.  The picture below shows how the Parent portal should appear.

If you are using the mobile application and are looking for the registration forms, you will not be able to see them. Online registration forms are not currently available on the mobile app, so it is necessary to login to the portal on a computer to be able to view and fill out the forms.

If you see a message that the login or page isn't supported, that means you are using Internet Explorer as your browser and need to switch to a different browser.

The Parent Portal supports the following web browsers, using the latest versions:

PC with Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome

Mac with Safari, Firefox or Chrome

iPad 10” with built-in Safari browser

Android 9” or larger with built-in Chrome browser