Mentor HyperDocs  


Lessons allow for creation of new tasks previously inconceivable.

 Students have an opportunity to create, collaborate, and connect beyond the classroom.

Collection of HyperDocs to teach digital skills HERE  (search, digital voice, video, digital citizenship, visual literacy)  

Curate literacy content over time on a global reading log HERE

Assessment enhanced with various “Show What You Know” tools HERE  or “Choose Your Own Adventure” tools HERE

Multi-Layered Unit Planning  HERE and HERE 

Student-driven passion projects (20% Time/Genius Hour) HERE 

Interact with students, parents, teachers with reflection HERE and HERE 

Professional Development in which the teachers experience tech tools as a student  HERE 


Lessons allow for significant task redesign.

Students use technology to learn how to learn.

Collection of HyperDocs to extend a class read aloud  HERE

Start a movement on campus with one inspiring video HERE

Reflect or revise with students and/or teacher  HERE

Enhance a science article by adding in opportunities to create a digital artifact HERE

Travel the world through a storytelling map HERE 

Interact with science from this digital learning slide deck HERE 

Collaborative speaking and listening HERE and HERE


Lesson plan uses tech as a direct tool substitute with functional change.

Lesson is scaffolded to build up to a transformative lesson.

Digital literacy - read text and record thinking HERE and HERE

Learn more about a topic HERE

Digitize your reading assessment by adding responses HERE

Share books and collaborate on ideas with a simple table on a HyperDoc HERE or on a slide deck HERE

Learn how to use a new web tool HERE and HERE


Lesson design acts as a direct tool substitute with no functional change.

Lesson is teaching foundational skills that will lead to more complex skills.  

Digital note-taking and graphic organizers HERE

Create a drawing using Google Draw with figurative language HERE

Step-by-step assignment directions (watch video and draft a letter) HERE 

Read and annotate digital text HERE

Community-building activity used for a Professional Development session (directions and list of activities) HERE 


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