Coach's Corner - Issue 12

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Half Time Review

This week’s edition will be based on the season so far- we have now played all the teams in our divisions and I will evaluate all teams so far, I will go in depth with the div 3 players only because I’m in that team and can watch players on a weekly basis.

First of all our Div 11 teams- Unfortunately because of the amount of unavailable people the div 11 members have copped the grunt of it. It’s not fair, but unfortunately our hands are tied. But for those people who haven’t committed because of poor/weak reasons, think about the members in this particular side. We have a mix of experienced bowlers with beginner bowlers- they are doing a tremendous job under the circumstances and I hope that we can get some consistency in the teams for them to enjoy the fruits of having a steady team week in week out. (Please note: if anyone requires coaching over the Christmas break just call me)

Div 10 - Unfortunately another sufferer from our pull outs. They have won two games thus far and had 7 losses, 2 of which were very close- especially last weekend, a heart breaker 1 shot loss. Keep up the hard work, from the score sheets (Lorraine Pool is going well). Keep up the solid work, practise a little more and see if we can move away from second last on the ladder and push for finals.

Div 8 - Going beautifully, the dream team has been busted up which will test the depth of Div 8- Sean Rock, Mick Robinson and Leigh Crawford proved a very hard rink to beat but the dream team with El President KO himself, Sharon, Peter Connolly and Les May, all bowling tremendous have moved on. The div 8 team at the moment looks strong with the likes of Ben Seaton, Pud Harrison, Deanne and Mick Robinson who could all be possibly playing higher. Keep up the great work and push for the top two positions- bound for glory!

Div 5 - Going like a well-oiled machine! Once again we see a team who has been beaten up by the amount of positional changes due to players unavailable etc. But the fighting fives just get the job done. Some consistent performers to note are Steve Petz, Inky and Harro. So other standouts that could possibly have been in div 3 are Turk and Chris Reilly. In particular Turk no doubt could of started in div 3 this year, but he the great clubman has played the team role in div 5 and is doing a fine job at that. It’s so important that our div 5 make the granny this year to get the team up to div 4- which would be an outstanding achievement.

Div 3 - The team itself is going ok, trying to keep a lid on it! We have played all teams now and if the opposition teams stay the same the only thing that can beat us is ourselves, let’s be honest. Therefore it’s my job to keep the boys on task and persisting to play for perfection and to keep improving ourselves. Some really surprise packets has been refreshing this year, especially being Eastern Park bred. Anyway the next point must be acknowledged and adhered to- if you feel I have marked or made incorrect comments, please come and talk to me. I have done this in previous years as coach in other teams and the general feedback has been positive apart from the occasional individual based players. Remember this is constructive feedback, not negative. Its areas for improvement for us as a team to get better..

Player Review

Scores are out of 5

Jayden Wombell- (2.5)

Jayden has recently been a regular member in the team, which has been great. After playing with Jayden in the club pairs, I now know how good this kid is. Have we seen it on Saturday’s? Yes one Saturday we did, simply turned a game on its head. For Jayden, more practice will bring more confidence and more importantly more consistency. Looking forward to seeing his second half of the year!

Darryl Flanningan -(3)

Darryl simply burnt in the first three weeks of the season in fact was our number one performer. From then Darryl’s form has been little up and down. One of the hardest workers on the track- it’s only a matter of time before he tears a game apart. We must not forget his work on Saturdays, don’t under estimate the work of managers each week, we all thank you Darren!

Geoff Rivett –(3)

Another player who I feel we haven’t seen his best yet, but it’s just around the corner. He and Darryl would be close to number one picked each week, not on ability but attitude and application cannot be questioned. I like the communication with Adam, when the head changes dramatically- calls him straight down to look. Looking forward to the second half of the year to see Geoff stamp himself on the game.

Adam Martin- (3)

Knuckles has fitted into the club like the furniture. He’s a ripping bloke with a win at all cost attitude. I like the way he goes into games with a set plan to beat the opposition. I really like on the weekend how he kept the encouragement up for his rink when in a vulnerable position. It actions like these that really impress me because it’s so difficult to do. We possibly seen the best game of an individual against Highton, which makes the rating go down-why? Because we want to see that more consistently, if you can you will be in the top 20 bowlers in Geelong. Push yourself because your attitude is 100 % of a champion.

Natalie Gurr- (2)

We haven’t seen the best of Nat this season, but even not her best is still matching it in this level of bowls. Last week Nat bowled well on a difficult surface. For Nat it’s about getting back to enjoying her bowls and just relaxing and giggling her way on to the jack. I will be trying my hardest to assist Nat produce her best, because her best is easily Div 1 standard. Looking forward to the second half of the season where the greens will speed up to which Nat Loves.

Ian "Ice Man" McAdam (2.5)

The iceman was in a world of hurt only three weeks ago and not knowing what was happening with his bowls. A change is as good as a holiday- The icemans last 3 weeks have been nothing short of brilliant. Maybe as selector we got that wrong, Ice as 2! But we live and learn, one thing is for sure if he keeps this good form up, we have a backup skip that will do just as good job. I like the iceman as a player, steady as she goes! Seems to be enjoying the young blokes around him and the success they are having.

Troy Thompson (2)

Was about to drop himself after the game against Belmont, LOL. A week later he’s the district pair’s champion. With Troy it’s all about confidence and I feel with his win last weekend that will drive him for the rest of season with the confidence to keep improving and the self-belief that we all know he can do it! I love his attitude as skip, very relaxed, calm and positive with shots- My advice is to play the same at third.

Ken Petz (4.0)

Kenny boy has applied himself during the pre-season and is no doubt a quality player. Kenny early this year struggled with the emotional side of the game, which sounds strange. But its Ken’s personality- hes extremely passionate in whatever he does. So when his rink loses he feels extremely disappointed he wasn’t able to help the team as a whole. I totally understand it, my advice though is your rink members wont all play up to the expected standard, you’re that good to have the attitude “that’s ok I will get it myself”. Outstanding player, who is improving his drive each day he plays. Takes his game seriously, ultra-competitive, Keep up the great work buddy.

Stephen Ryan (4.5)

I could be giving overs here with the highest mark, but seriously what a surprise packet. I honestly thought he was a hack during the pre-season. But I have been wrong, simply brilliant leader who sets up the game beautifully. Throws the jack to the centimetre, and provides support verbally to the team. I think he is the ignitor in this team, we need him up and about. Well done on an outstanding first half of the year, a real surprise packet. Well Done.

Luke James (2.0)

I think this score will shock many and I hope not Lukey himself. I know what this guy is capable of. We have seen some flashes of brilliance but not on a consistent basis. This guy gives the team a 100 per cent each week with his support and attitude. I’m going to spend some time ironing out a few things with Luke, more about keeping his delivery the same every time and not touching the sky with the follow through, lol. because this guy can play and for our future its important in the years to come to continually improve.

Ash Connolley (4.0)

Ash is another good steady player who just has the competitive nature to win every time he steps on the green. I’m sure he will approach a game he has a chance of reaching 50 in differently to the game against Torquay- please…. Chatting to the women! But seriously, quality asset for the team and we look forward to having him back.

Mark Senjov (4.0)

The chief started off slow, that’s the first week but after that he has been consistent, measured and determined to get the job done. The thing I like about Senjy is his always listening to feedback and he will put it into practice straight away. His role as skipper has been ultra-impressive from an inexperienced player in the role. He has been huge for the team and he has his rink rolling along beautifully.

Matt Sherwall (3.5)

“Bullets” I think that nickname is because he’s dead eye dick of getting around the jack. Has had some up and down games but his good ones well outweigh the bad ones. Another who has listened to advice and made a change for the better in his delivery. Matt for where he was at in his bowls last year has come along panels and is now in our top half performers. Well done on the hard work.

Dave Walter (3.5)

Old mate Walter made the journey over to the park with me. And the improvement he has made is actually scary- His awareness of the game and what shot is required is brilliant. Using Dave to drive as a super asset in which we will utilize more often. Well done champ on an impressive first half.

Graham Harrison (2.5)

Gray has been playing good bowls, I rated him a 2.5 because I know what this guy is capable of. I go back to a game I played with him at Belmont in a tournament and he was playing a guy he didn’t enjoy his company much- He was awesome!!!!! This year we have had a developing role in playing third for me, teaching Graham the game style I play and also the communication required when as a third. Graham has done extremely well, he form has been consistent without setting the world on fire. Looking forward to hopefully sharing glory with this great man. His energy and kind hearted nature around the club has been super, both he and Nat are valuable assets that we are very fortunate to have.

Ian Bush (3.0)

I will keep this short and simple, the guys a freak! We haven’t seen his best yet- the boys got a sample early in the year. But once he starts feeling 100 % look out he will draw on a five cent piece for fun.

Steve Cox (2.0)

His form in the div 5 has been solid, and his 3 games in the div 3 have been ok and probably up to the standard. Consistency is the key and no doubt his team attitude and comments on Saturdays are a positive for the team. Possibly on the fringe of the team, with brilliant performances Steve can play a key role in our premiership hopes.

Steve Reilly (2.0)

Steve played a solid game last week but unfortunately just struggled on a difficult surface. I love his attitude towards the game and no doubt adds to the team spirit with his humour. Steve’s ability is no doubt there and just requires the confidence to maintain his form.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush