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  1. What games can I play with the VRGO? 
  2. Helping us build the list
  3. VRGO Chair demo
  4. XOutput
  5. VorpX
  6. x360c
  7. Games on Steam
  8. Oculus Rift with Touch controllers
  9. Oculus Rift Store
  10. Samsung Gear Store
  11. Google Cardboard

What games or experiences can I play with the VRGO?

Basically any game that allows for either keyboard, keyboard and mouse or HID gamepad. There are restrictions on how many games you can play and we plan to make it much more compatible in the near future. Below are instructions on the best way to connect to games the VRGO will work well with and a list of games from a few of the big VR HMD makers. As a rule most PC games will work with the VRGO in keyboard mode while mobile phone game work in gamepad mode.

Helping us build the list

We have started building this list but it’s going to take time. It would be really helpful if you can help us out by making suggestions based on your own experiences. Here is a form that we can collect your suggestions and input them directly onto this list. https://goo.gl/forms/uEiNwb3dqPmbGGaA2


XOutput is a Direct Input to Xinput wrapper. Below is the download file and instructions. Once you have set up the controller mappings you do not have to do twice.


  1. Download and install the official Xbox 360 Controller driver here
  2. Run ScpDriver.exe
  3. Click install, wait until it finishes to close it
  4. Run XOutput and set up your controller mappings (see below image)
  5. Click "Start"Capture.PNG

VRGO Chair demo

We have created a demo that works with both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. It allows for both motion hand controller or the gamepad and has an option for free head movement or movement connected to your head direction.



As you know, not all your favourite games are meant for VR, but here at VRGO we think everything is better in VR. With the help of a free 3D-driver, you can experience some of the most prestigious and award-winning titles in VR and use the chair for all your movement. This 3D-driver is called vorpX and can be downloaded free from their website here: http://www.vorpx.com/

As stated on their website : “vorpX is a 3D-driver for DirectX9-11 games that is specifically geared towards VR-devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Additionally to ‘making games 3D’ it offers various features to tackle many of the issues that arise when playing games on a VR headset that are not designed for it.

VorpX boats an impressive roster of over 150 games that work out the box with Stereo 3D and full headtracking. The impressive list of numerous AAA games can be found here:



If you want full gamepad mode within Windows we suggest you use the xbox emulator. We plan to launch our fully compatible xinput driver when we launch the product into the market globally. For more information on x360c please go to


Games on Steam

Any VR on the Steam store that allows for free movement and keyboard/mouse movement will work with the VRGO out of the box. Here is a small list that we have begun to build up and over time we will have the full list.

ARK: Survival Evolved (keyboard and mouse)

Alien Isolation (keyboard and mouse)

Elite Dangerous (keyboard and mouse)

Subnautica (keyboard and mouse)

Monstrum (Oculus Rift only) (keyboard and mouse)

The Solus Project (keyboard and mouse)

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR (keyboard and mouse)

Emily Wants to Play (keyboard and mouse)

Oculus Rift with Touch controllers

Arizona Sunshine (Gamepad with XOutput)

Minecraft Windows 10 edition (keyboard and mouse)

Technolust (keyboard and mouse)

Windlands (keyboard and mouse)

AltSpaceVR (keyboard and mouse)

Oculus Rift Store

Radial-G: Racing Revolved Dreadhalls (Keyboard and mouse)

The Night Cafe (Keyboard and mouse)

Samsung Gear Store

Star Phoenix (Gamepad mode)

AltSpace VR (Gamepad mode)

Affected - The Manor (Gamepad mode)

Minecraft Gear VR (Gamepad mode)

Dreadhalls (Gamepad mode)

Finding VR (Gamepad mode)

Look Both ways (Gamepad mode)

Jump (Gamepad mode)

Omega Agent (Gamepad mode)

The Night Cafe (Gamepad mode)

Google Cardboard

StellarDiveDemo (Gamepad mode)

Refugio3DSpaceStation (Gamepad mode)

Lapso (Gamepad mode)

DiveUnitydemo (Gamepad mode)

VR Scene (by Dive) (Gamepad mode)