1. Who can set up a Team Drive folder?
  1. Any staff member.  We recommend that School Staff Team Drives be set up by the Principal or designate using the school account (example psc@wolfcreek.ab.ca), and give administrators Full Access (see #2 below).
  1. Who can a Team Drive folder be shared with?
  1. Any staff email address ( _______@wolfcreek.ab.ca) or group address.  For example, there is a group address for every staff group.  Sharing a Team Drive with your staff group will automatically share that Team Drive with all current staff, and is dynamic...when staff changes, permissions change.
  2. School mailing lists are set up as schoolcodestaff-ml@wolfcreek.ab.ca (all staff members). schoolcodecertified-ml@wolfcreek.ab.ca (certified teaching staff only). schoolcodenoncertified-ml@wolfcreek.ab.ca (non certified staff only).

  1. How much space is available on Team Drive?
  1. As part of our G Suite EDU license, Drive storage (“My Drive” and “Team Drive”) is unlimited.  See individual file-size restrictions.
  1. If I add my school staff group (as above) to a Team Drive, is it automatically shared with new staff?
  1. Yes - that’s one of the great features of Team Drive.  Also, if a staff member leaves, they would lose access to that Team Drive.
  1. If any staff member can create a Team Drive, might my Team Drive section get full of a bunch of Team Drive’s I’m not interested in?
  1. You will only see those Team Drives that you have access to. You can only remove yourself from Team Drives if you have “Full Access” rights.  Otherwise you’ll have to ask someone  with “Full Access” to remove you.  I would suspect that Google will add features to allow you to hide Team Drives you’re not interested in as a new feature...it’s just not there yet.
  1. When should I use a Team Drive instead of just a normal Drive folder to share files?
  1. Team Drive’s main advantage is for on-boarding and off-boarding staff, and making sure they have access to all of the files they need.  
  1. Can I create a Team Drive to use with students?
  1. Yes.  However, we recommend using Hapara Teacher Dashboard for most instances where you think you might use Team Drive.
  1. How does moving files from your My Drive (G Suite folder) to Team Drive affect ownership and sharing?
  1. If you move a Presentation to Team Drive - it is now owned by the domain and is automatically shared with the members of the Team Drive.  If that Presentation was also shared with others, those people will continue to have access.
  2. If I’m the owner of a Team Drive folder, I have rights to delete things from that team Drive. Others could have rights as well - depends on the level of access I’ve given them.
  3. Automatically shared with everyone who the Team Drive is shared with.  I can share files within it with MORE people, but I can’t restrict it from anyone who has access to the team drive.
  1. What kind of files can go in my Team Drive?
  1. Docs, Slide, Sheets, Presentations, Drawings, PDF’s, videos, photos, MS Office documents, txt, and most types of files.  Google Maps and Sites can’t be saved to Team Drives (yet). See individual file-size restrictions.
  1. If I move a file to Team Drive, then delete it, is it deleted for everyone?
  1. Yes, but it is held in the Trash for that Team Drive for 30 days.  User will receive a warning that it is being deleted for everyone.  

  1. How will I know if someone adds or deletes something from a Team Drive?
  1. In the settings for each Team Drive, you can set notifications to be emailed every time something changes.  You can also open the “Details” pane on the right, which provides a summary of what’s happened with that folder.

  1. If someone shares a file with me, how can I tell if it’s shared through a Team Drive?
  1. First of all, you will see the Team Drive show up in your Team Drive area.  As well, in your “Recent” or “Share with Me” sections of Google Drive, you’ll see a Team Drive icon that lets you know it’s been shared via Team Drive.

  1. Is it backed up?
  1. Team Drive files are not currently part of our District cloud backup solution.
  1. Can students create Team Drives?
  1. Not at this time.
  1. I see this as a great replacement for the old server drives. Can I upload a folder or file from my U:\ or  Z:\ drive directly to my Team Drive? Will it support embedded folders or do I need to upload folders or files separately?
  1. You can upload an entire folder and sub-folders at once.  You can drag & drop from your File Explorer, or hit the “New” button in Team Drive, then “Folder Upload”.
  2. If you’re going to upload a large amount of data, please do this during non-peak times (e.g. at the end of the day).