Matthew Venn CV

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1993 - 1995

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Work Experience

1995 - 1996

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2017 to present

Engineering Skills

I believe my main strength is my experience in many disparate areas and aptitude to learn new skills quickly and effectively


I have a strong ability with computers developed over the last 20 years. I've programmed in various languages on both computers and micro controllers. I have in 20 years of in depth knowledge using and administering the Linux operating system. I am most comfortable using C or Python.

I contribute to, and prefer using open source tools, especially Linux. My favourite development environment is Linux, GIT, Vim, Bash and Make. I like to have unit tests and use Travis for continuous integration testing.


I have been using Linux to host services on the internet for over 15 years. I administer multiple servers and have written my own VOIP services. Recently I have developed remote logging solutions with the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone and ESP8266.


10 years experience in designing and developing electronics covering many areas including:


I have a lot of experience hand soldering SMT components (smallest: 0603 and 64 pin 0.5mm pitch QFN), hot air rework, solder paste, stencils and an oven.

I have workshop training and can competently use many types of fabrication equipment including: metal and wood lathe, mill, MIG welding, CNC laser cutter, CNC mill/router. I have my own CNC laser cutter, CNC milling machine, lathe and 2 layer PCB fabrication.

Project management and documentation

I have good time management and communication skills. I use GIT version control to manage all the components in a project. I am also an advocate of open source software and hardware and the sharing of information. Most of my projects are published on the internet with full details.

Other Interests

I have studied communication through research, observation and practicing: teaching, coaching and workshop facilitation. In terms of education, I'm most interested in how the teacher's communication affects the learning environment - and how this affects the learning process.

I aspire to be a great teacher. My experience as a teacher comes from martial arts, workshops, youth clubs and working with schools and teachers.

My Learning to Learn business started from the desire to work alongside teachers, to learn more about the art of teaching and to be able to lead more inspirational STEM workshops. In 2015 I was the senior trainer at CPD for teachers - delivering highly rated training to over 2000 teachers.

Creativity is our innate ability to adapt to a continually changing environment. I believe that creativity is as much as skill as any other and as such can be practiced and strengthened. I have facilitated workshops in creativity and my own creative practice reaches into many different areas.

Martial arts have a great deal to offer the modern lifestyle. Meditation, discipline and movement are all fantastic antidotes to the stress of life in a big city. I have black belts in Wing Chun and Ki Aikido and am now studying Tai Chi and Swimming Dragon Kung Fu.


Available upon request.

Awards and Recognition