Suggested methods to speed up counting dragons!

Option: Alternate sort - works well if all the dragons you want to count are grouped together on your scroll.

1) Go to alternate sort.

2) Count how many complete rows of dragons in question there are and times that by 7.

3) Add any extra dragons from the 1-2 incomplete lines at the top and bottom.

Option: The page source way - works best for counting single breeds. Has the advantage of no manual counting and no need to resort your scroll! Also works for counting dragons on other peoples’ scrolls.

This works because all of the dragons with the same sprite on your scroll actually display the *same* image. So if you identify the image url, you can count how many times it appears in the source of a page to see how many dragons with that sprite you have.

The following instructions assume you use Windows, Firefox and have access to some sort of word processing program with a ‘count’ option - I will give examples for both Notepad++ (which you can get free from: and MS Word 2010. They will work for other browsers and any word processing program with a “find and count” option, you’ll just need to figure out exactly where things are yourself.


1) Open all the pages of your scroll in separate tabs on your browser.

2) Open (in a new tab) the view page for a single dragon of each of the different *sprites* of the breed you want to count. So, in a non-dimorphic breed you’d just open a tab to any dragon of that breed, in dimorphic breeds you’d need a female and a male, and in breeds with alts you’d need one of each sprite variation. So, for example, if you’re counting Pinks (who are dimorphic) you’d need to have a tab open for each page of your scroll, and a tab for any random male Pink on your scroll, and any random female Pink.

3) Refresh all the tabs at the same time. In Firefox you can achieve this by right clicking on any tab and picking ‘reload all tabs’

4) Identify the image codes for sprite variations of the breed in question. So, go to one of the dragon tabs you opened earlier, right-click on the sprite, and click 'view image'. You'll go to a url like: "", the "iaiJ" is the bit you're interested in - make a note of it. Repeat with any other dragon sprites. Be aware: this image link changes periodically, hence why it's important to refresh the all the pages at the same time - to make sure that all the pages are using the same image codes.

5) Right click on each page of your scroll and click 'view page source'.

6) Copy and paste the source of each page into your word processing program. If you’re using Notepad++ this is straightforward, if you’re using Word I suggest you paste as plain text only, otherwise it will try to render all the links and go a bit crazy.

7a) Using Notepad++: Press Ctrl-f, paste in the first image code (e.g iaiJ) and hit ‘count’. Make a note of that number, then paste in any other image codes and repeat! Add the numbers together, and voila, you have your count!

7b) Using Word: Press Ctrl-f, paste in the first image code, and note the number of matches it finds. It should list the number of matches under the search bar. Then do the same for the other codes, add the numbers together, and voila!