Youth Flamenco Skirts

There are many styles of flamenco skirt.  For this class, I recommend a full skirt with 6 panels and one or two ruffles on the bottom OR a full skirt with panels and gores (no ruffles).  You may choose any color you like.  Often it is a pleasing combination to have a solid color on the panels and a contrasting or polka-dotted fabric for the ruffles or gores.


Having a skirt is not absolutely necessary until we are in rehearsals for the Spring Showcase performance which takes place at the end of March.  Therefore, the absolute deadline for having a flamenco skirt will be February.  However, many parents opt to select a skirt during the fall so that the student has more time to practice with the skirt.  Over the years, many students have received their skirts from family members as holiday gifts.


The following information is provided as a courtesy to help parents search for flamenco skirts.  These companies are not in any way officially endorsed or promoted by your teacher or The Louisville Ballet School; the teacher and The Louisville Ballet School bear no responsibility for the business transaction that you may choose to undertake with these companies.


There are a few US dancewear companies that carry practice skirts.

·       Be sure to specifically ask about expected delivery time when you make your order.

·       Custom color combinations may take longer because they will be made to order.

·       Also make sure that you fully understand their shipping charges and return policy.

All of these have basic options in the $40-60 range.




Back Bay Dancewear dba Patterson’s






There are many companies based in Spain from which you can order skirts.  Be advised that it will take even longer for these skirts to arrive and the shipping charges may be substantial.

·       Be sure that you fully investigate shipping charges.

·       Do not expect there to be any option for return.

·       Be sure that you understand the full price in US dollars (frequently it is listed in Euros.  One Euro is appx. $1.40 US).

As a result of the exchange rate and shipping charges, you may have to pay more for a skirt sourced this way. (click on Academia y baile) (click on Flamenco Best Sellers, then on Flamenco Skirts)