Oklahoma Teacher Certification is based on Competency Testing 

You must pass the following three certification competency tests before applying for Oklahoma teacher certification:

NOTE: ALWAYS check with your advisor BEFORE registering for any certification test.

OGET – Oklahoma General Education Test

Required for admission to SNU Educator Preparation Program

OGET should be taken during sophomore year

NOTE: Passing score  on OGET is REQUIRED before a student can enroll in PDM course (Professional Decision Making - ED 4273) and must have verification of OGET passing score on file before student teaching.

OSAT – Oklahoma Subject Area Test

You must take this test in the subject area of your major, i.e. elementary education, early childhood education, science education, music education, etc. Check with your advisor for guidance re: which OSAT you should take.

NOTE: OSAT should be taken during final semester of methods classes.

OPTE – Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination

You must take 1 of 2 OPTE tests according to grade level - either PK-8 or 6-12. Check with your advisor for guidance re: which OPTE you should take.)

NOTE: OPTE should be taken during student teaching

FOR MORE INFORMATION: (Certification Testing Registration/Information) (Office of Educational Quality and Accountability)

ALL Education Majors are REQUIRED to complete at least one Testing Strategies Workshop before completion of their program.  These FREE workshops are scheduled one time each semester.  Students may register to attend on a ‘first come - first served” basis.  Workshops are limited to 24 participants.  Specific dates for these workshops will be announced several weeks prior. While students are welcome to participate in more than one session, priority is given to first time participants.  Verification of workshop attendance is documented on individual student files in the SNU Office of Educator Preparation.