Do you wanna make a sundae?

I have rainbow sprinkles

Taste the syrup against our lips

And then some whip

Then the chocolate drizzles

I hear rumbling in my tummy

It’s time to eat

Okay, bye…

Do you wanna make a sundae?

We’ll drive right now to Marble Slab

I’ll push over people to get us through

Go put on your shoes

Even if for just a dab

It’s like a cold sweet trophy

Just one I consume

My poor mouth feels so dry…


Close, the diets almost over

I’ve never been so sick of meat

They say “have courage,” but ice cream’s in view

Not like I want a slew, just one small treat

Okay maybe add another

And then smile with glee

Don’t you wanna have some too?

Do you wanna make a sundae?