January 12, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Accompanist:  Sister Lai
Chorister:  Sister Shin
Conducting:  Sister Wight and Sister Williams

Special Musical Number:  O How Lovely Was the Morning
Sister Boutoille. Sister Stähle, and Sister Ripa

Opening Prayer:   Sister De Souza
Purpose:  Sister Romero

•        President Risenmay released Sister Almeida as Relief Society President and Sister Wight as First Counselor.  Sister Wight was sustained as Relief Society President with Sister Williams as First Counselor.
•        New Sisters’ Meeting will be Friday at 9:00 am in Theater 1.
•        First Transfer Meeting will be Saturday at 9:00 am in Theater 1.
•        Please keep the NVC Teaching Center spic and span and clean of clutter.  Please let’s help keep it like new.  There will also, from time to time, be visitors that come through the Teaching Center.
•        Zone Leaders, please report your numbers correctly.
•        Don’t jam your lockers open.  Be sure that they are fully locked.  
•        Please bring your food bags to the kitchen before going to your first assignment.
•        Those that will be taking Visitor Center Directors around, please stay in Theater 1 after Relief Society for instruction.

New sisters and those sisters returning from outbound introduced themselves.
A video of some baptism miracles was shown – 2016 Miracles

Our teachers today were Sisters Tuttle, Mariano, Burke and Gemio.  The lesson was Life and Ministry of Gordon B. Hinckley.

Sister Mariano, Sister Burke and Sister Tuttle
(Sister Gemio was not feeling well)

The sisters showed two video clips.  One was by President Uchtdorf about President Hinckley and one was of President Hinckley’s mission as a young man.

We were asked how we can bring joy.  Following are some of the responses.
Sister Chua – Great companions
Sister Gomes – Baptisms
Sister Fischer – Working diligently
Sister Kolarova – Making someone happy
Sister Coleman – After a day of hard work – SLEEP
Sister Zeng – Gospel true – family can be together forever
Sister Ackley – Trusting in the Lord
Sister Nyamdeleg – Being a representative of Jesus Christ
Sister Myagmar – Being obedient

President Hinckley’s testimony when he was called to be President of the Church.

If we go forth doing the best we can, God will bless and help us.

The Family A Proclamation is just one proof that we have a living prophet and that God still speaks to us.

As teachers/missionaries, we are called to leave our families for 18 months so that other families can be together forever.  Because of the restoration, we have this knowledge.  God shows to us his love by giving us families.

A successful missionary is a happy missionary.  We were challenged to select a Christ-like attribute to develope this transfer.

Closing Hymn:  #19 We Thank Thee, O God for a Prophet
Closing Prayer:  Sister Shumway



Back row left to right:  Sisters Lee E, Tsifanay, Smith S, Allen, López, Tai
Front row left to right:  Sisters Peralta, Nuttal, Guerrero, Orellana Arriaga, Wu