504: A 504 is a document that allows students with a physical disability to receive accommodations in the classroom and/or in testing situations.

AA: Assistant Administrator (Johnessee, Moree)

AP: There are actually two different definitions of AP -

DCD: District Collaboration Day. A time when all faculty across the district participate in the same collaborative learning activities.

EOCs: Exams given at End of Course for the eight courses designated by the state.

IC: Infinite Campus. The website used to record and monitor student attendance, grades, and records.

IE2: An enrollment classification that allows seniors who have met certain graduation requirements to begin the school day late or leave school early.

IEP: Individualized Education Plan for students with special needs that allows them to receive certain accommodations in the classroom and in testing situations.

ITS: Instructional Technology Specialist. We hope to help you use technology in your classroom to increase engagement and applicability, but we also do things like remind you to turn your wireless on or off, show you how to set up your gradebook, and fix the printers for you.

itsl: itslearning. Our online learning management system where you load resources like notes, worksheets, etc. for students, as well as being able to collect homework, view projects, and give tests digitally.

PDExpress: Professional Development Express - where you register for professional development courses offered by the district. This is the ONE place provided by the county where your login and password are different.

PL Teams: Professional Learning Teams. Also known as Content Collaboration Teams. Small groups of teachers who teach the same course working teacher to design common understanding and assessment of course standards and goals.

RUP: Responsible Use Policy - (Click here for article.) “RUP policy/philosophy... treats the student as a person responsible for ethical and healthy use of the Internet and mobile devices. The role of teachers is to help students acquire the skills to responsibly use the Internet and mobile devices. Included in this education process is gaining a disposition to avoid inappropriate and malicious sites, as well as the skill to assess the validity of information found on the Internet or passed along by others via social networking.”

TKES: Teacher Keys Effectiveness System. A system adopted by the state and carried out by school administrators to evaluate teachers each year.