#18 - For Azeroth!: “Not a Dreadlord”


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Un’Goro Madness

Kill many dinos, speculate about Hearthstone!


Getting Ready for 7.2

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Lady Jaina Proudmoore

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The Third War


Founding Theramore



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Tim from Germany

Hey folks!

Let’s say I wanted to play Legion. How much would it cost me to get WoW now? Do I need to buy all the expansions? *Joce’s Note: It’s $49.99 US for Legion, + $19.99 US for the base game which includes all expansions pre-Legion. One month of sub time is included with the $19.99 base game.

Also what Class would be fun to play? I played a bit of the trial mode but a level 20 character and a 110 clearly a not the same. I am mostly looking for advice on how the different rotations play “play whatever you think is cool“ isn’t really that helpful when the actual gameplay of that specific class isn’t fun.

I am mostly interested in Balance Druid, Monk (Healer or DPS) or Warlock. Now I know you don’t really play those classes but a bit of an overlook on how these classes play would be great. Maybe you have some resources I could look into?

Thanks for your show

Elaine of Shalott


You asked about good leveling story content for alliance characters. I have an Alliance alt and I found a really great story in Ashenvale. The quest line starts out with a fairly typical series of fetch quests to get a cure for a sick child. The first in the chain is called Bathran's hair.

It takes a turn about halfway through. As your first few attempts to cure the child fail you travel to a moonwell where you are spoken to by Elune. Elune sends you to Avrus Illwhisper, a repentant Satyr. In the end not only do you save the child but you cure the Satyr making him a night elf again.

Love the show especially the lore segments.


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