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Arriving at the Airport
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Arriving at the Airport

When you land in Managua, exit the plane. Follow the crowd to the immigration desk. You’ll need to purchase a tourist card for $10 in U.S. funds (subject to change without notice). When filling out your form, the address of destination is simply “Managua.”

You will then pick up your luggage, go through customs (they might inspect your luggage), and then go outside. We will be waiting outside with transportation ready to go and the airport is small so we will see you. Note: Please bring only suitcases, not boxes. Customs will often let you through without inspecting your suitcases, boxes are always inspected. If your luggage does not arrive, please make sure to report it to the airlines inside the terminal, and get a claim slip from them.

Please bring a water bottle with you, both for the trip and for your use throughout your trip.  You will be able to exchange money after you arrive.

When leaving the airport, there will be men asking to help with your bags or get you a taxi and sometimes children trying to “give” you flowers that they have made or asking you for money. Stay calm and simply say, “No gracias.” No thanks.