Tutorial Research

1. Review 3 - 5 tutorials on a topic of your choice (music, video games, cooking, technology, drawing, origami, skateboarding, etc) and evaluate each tutorial in the table below. Make sure each tutorial is created by a different person. Include at least 2 comments with reasons for each box below.

Make sure your answers are detailed and thorough and explain the reasons for your statements.

Tutorial Topic



List the things in the tutorial that would help you improve your skills. What did you learn by watching this tutorial?

What did the creator do well? Why was it good?

What was hard to understand? Why wasn’t it helpful?





How to Draw a Cartoon Penguin

  1. Cartoon drawings don’t look realistic. They can be exaggerated or cute.
  2. I learned how to draw Kirby’s feet because she used them as an example.
  3. I learned how to improve my cartoon-style drawing by using some of the same skills - for example button eyes, beak mouth, body shape for a missile.
  1. She was drawing and explaining at the same time. This helped me understand better because I could see what she was doing.
  2. She didn’t speed up (time lapse) when she was drawing. This was good because I could follow along and didn’t have to pause.
  3. She used simple words and examples to make it easy to understand. This is good because it’s easier to imagine when you’re trying to draw.
  1. Sometimes her hand was covering her drawing. This wasn’t helpful because sometimes we couldn’t see the drawing.
  2. She didn’t pause. This wasn’t helpful because it was hard to follow.
  3. She could have put the finished product first. This wasn’t helpful because we didn’t know what we’re going to create.


How to bake a rainbow cake

  1. It helped me learn how to make a rainbow cake.
  2. It helped me learn the technical words for the cooking supplies.
  3. I learned to wear white shirts when trying to make rainbow cakes because the die can get on the shirt.
  4. I learned that when you are frosting the cake you have to push from the bottom not from the top because if you push from the upper side the frosting thing will pop.
  1. The person explain the things we need in the technical words. It is useful because we might not have the stuff at home but if you know the name you can straitly go to the store and get the exact one.

  1. They kind of just waited there time when the cake was getting baked because they just said nonsense stuff. It is not helpful because it got in the way of the video.
  2. I think the person should have not fast forward the time in the middle because it might be a bit hard to keep up with if you are backing and watching at the same time.


Giant Rainbow Layer Cupcake.

  1. I learned to put two small cups of food coloring while making the cupcake.
  2. I learned not to work with too hot or not even warm cupcakes when you try to frost them.
  3. I learned that the butter on the bottom of the cupcake will help it stick but it also helps to not make it dried out.

  1. I think the person did a good job of explaining while doing it because if she just said it in words it would have been hard to understand.
  2. I liked how the person used easy words in the video. It is because helpful because if the video watcher is not good at English it would be hard to follow the video.
  1. I think it would have been better if the person kindly wrote down what the tools where.
  2. I think the person should have not fast forward the time in the middle because it might be a bit hard to keep up with if you are backing and watching at the same time.
  3. When she backed her cupcake she should have told us what the degree she used to bake it.


M and M Pinata Cake

  1. I learned that it takes time to make the frosting.
  2. I learned that it takes time to put the M and M on the cakes.
  1. I liked how the person explained step by step very careful so we can understand it. It is important because if the person skipped a part the cake would not work out.
  1. The person should have told us how to make the cake and not just skip that part because it might be hard for beginners to bake the cake.


How to make Minion cake pops.

  1. I learned to try to do it as fast as you can but very neatly because you don’t want the chocolate the harden while you are making it.
  2. you need to be careful when you are putting the frosting on the Minion

  1. I think this person did a good job on the passing. It was helpful because if the video watcher is making and watching at the same time it would have been hard to catch up.  
  1. The person should have explained how to make the chocolate or the person should have said to just buy it at the store. It is because some people might want to know what to do with the chocolate.


2. If this was your hobby, and you wanted to get better at it (by learning online), which would you choose and why?