2018-2019 Course Outline

COURSE:         Sciences 6

TEACHER:        Pam Matthews

CONTACT:        pmatthews@go.islandpacific.org



The overall purpose of the science program at Island Pacific School is that a student will be able to appreciate that science is the tool that makes the beauty and complexity of the natural world explicit. With this appreciation they will be curious and inclined to discover and explore the dynamics of the world around them. Students will develop the ability to apply the disciplined process of the scientific method to answer the questions that they generate. When applying the science they have learned, student should be able to consider issues from a multifaceted view.  Students will see the importance and value of contributions from other disciplines and will appreciate that science is always located within a social and ethical framework. They will be empowered to use their knowledge to take action on scientific issues.

The grade 6 Science course is located within a program framework with four content areas: Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science and Processes and Skills of Science. The processes and skills needed to undertake scientific inquiry are addressed throughout the year. The curriculum will be delivered through a variety of experiences including lab experiments, demonstrations, projects, games and activities. I am looking forward to an exciting and inventive year!

The aims of MYP science are to encourage and enable students to:



The following units will be covered over the course of the year.

Term 1:               Life Sciences –

                           The Scientific Method

Use of microscopes

Experiment - plants and growing conditions

Cells and body systems (nervous, excretory, hormonal, reproductive)

Term 2:               Physical Science –

Newton’s 3 Laws

Rube Goldberg models


Term 3:               Earth and Space Science -

The overall scale, structure, and age of the universe

The solar system        

Colonizing Mars


Required Materials


Resources & Materials 
In this course we will use the text,  BC Science as a base. This will be augmented by reference works in the IPS library, web resources, newspaper articles, and laboratory equipment.  Students will also access subject-specific apps via Ipads.


Island Pacific School uses the International Baccalaureate rubrics to evaluate students in reference to four distinct criteria.Throughout the year students will be given written and verbal assignments, projects, lab reports and tests which will be evaluated based on the following IB criteria;

Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

Criterion B: Inquiring and designing

Criterion C: Processing and evaluating

Criterion D: Reflecting on the impacts of science

For a complete list of the  MYP Science criteria and their relevant level descriptors you can download a PDF at the following URL:  


For a complete description of BC’s New Curriculum Core Competencies for Science 6


Throughout the year there are various report cards and parent, student, teacher interviews that will give us an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, but please feel free to contact me throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns.