Trade Ins

Hampshire Bicycle Exchange accepts bicycles, parts, and accessories as trade in value towards purchases or store credit. We will also buy outright and in some cases offer a greater consignment value for higher end bikes. While there are certain concrete factors used to determine value of trade ins, such as quality, condition, age, availability and local seasonal market, each trade in is assessed on a case by case basis. Hampshire Bicycle Exchange makes no guarantee about trade in values without assessing bikes in person, and reserves the sole right to determine sale value of all bikes brought in for store credit without the input from the owner of the bicycle. Seller must present a valid government issued photo ID to sell or trade a bicycle.

Store Credit / Consignment

Typically, with a bike that needs no parts or labor, we will offer about half of the bikes sale price in store credit. If any parts or labor are needed to prepare the bike for sale, these are factored into the amount offered for the bike. Certain bicycles that are in ready to go condition are able to be left on consignment. In this case store credit amount is usually offered in cash once the bike has sold.


If you would like cash for your bike, we usually offer about half of the store credit value. Again, this can vary a bit case by case.

Trade in FAQ

Are you interested brands that you don’t sell?

Yes, bring them in!

Are you interested in all bikes?

No, we are not interested in bikes purchased at department stores (Walmart, Target etc.) as they are made of low end materials and components. We only buy bikes originally purchased at a bike shop.

Can you tell me how much my bike is worth (over the phone, via facebook, via e-mail, from a photo, etc)?        

No. We only give trade in values in person after inspecting the bike.

Do you buy used (parts, apparel, accessories, etc)?

We will often be able to offer some sort of trade in for parts and accessories, but this is usually much less than our rate on complete bicycles. Again, the amount we are able to offer is on a case by case basis and can only be assessed in person.

My bike was recently stolen, what do I do?

The first thing you should do is report the bike to the local police station(s). If the bike hasn’t been reported to the Police there is NOTHING we can legally do. It is very helpful for us to have a record of any bikes that have been stolen in the area. Therefore, we ask people to send us an email with the following information:


Subject: “Stolen color, bike make and model

Include any information you have about the bike including photos, serial #, size, add-ons on the bike, time of theft, identifying chips or scratches etc.

Hampshire Bicycle Exchange is 100% committed to helping people retrieve their stolen bikes. Please help us help you by sending us an email right away so that we are able to catch it if it comes in.

This is a sensitive topic for us, and we take it very seriously. Some people have asked us how often we buy stolen bikes. Unfortunately, we have probably bought a few over the last 15 years of our existence, however the number of stolen bikes we have found and returned to their owners is much higher.

Every single time we buy a bike from someone we get identification from the seller, and if it matches any of the stolen bikes that were reported we will call the Police on the spot. Again, If the bike hasn’t been reported to the Police there is nothing we can legally do.

Looking for a specific bike?

We are working on a way to let anyone fill out a simple form and we will contact you if something comes in that matches your criteria. We get hundreds of used bikes in each year, so chances are something will fit you needs.

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