Garden State GreenFest would not be the fantastic, effective event that it is without our wonderful volunteers!  We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic folks who are interested in having fun and saving the environment at the same time!        

Why Volunteer?

1. Think Globally – Act Locally!  There are the tar sands in Canada.  The extinction of the Western black rhinoceros in Africa.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  The radiation leaks from Fukushima.  Fracking right here in the northeast.  You think on a global level but volunteering at GreenFest is an opportunity to act locally.  Your participation ensures that thousands in our community will get informed, get inspired and take action.

2. Networking.  Whether your interest is environmental issues or event planning there are so many interesting people for you to meet.  Professors, representatives from environmental non-profits and activists are at the event and particularly accessible to volunteers.  If events are your thing make sure to let the volunteer coordinator know so we can help you get the most from your experience.

3. Quality Time with Friends and Family!  What’s better than volunteering?  Volunteering with friends and family!  Make it a bonding experience by working the event together.  Later you can reminisce about all the awesome people you met and interesting things you learned.

4. That Cool Volunteer T-shirt!  Oh it’s super cool and the only way to get one is to be a volunteer.

5. It’s Fun!  Who knew that hanging with like-minded people to help your community is tons of fun?  But it’s true!

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone 18 years or older and in good health is welcome to volunteer.  Anyone 12 to 17 may volunteer with an adult, however we encourage young people to prioritize attending GreenFest and enjoying all there is to see and do.  


Green Event Planning Experience

Green event planning has become one of the fastest growing careers in the country.  The world of event planning is incredibly diverse and exciting.  If this is an area of interest to you here is an opportunity to learn more about the field and help the planet at the same time.

Still Interested?

Download the Volunteer Application and submit. The completed application may be e-mailed to or faxed to 908.349.3080.  We will contact you soon after receiving your application.  You can also keep up to date on volunteer information by liking our Facebook Page.