Labor unions + Strikes

After reading the article as a whole class, watch this introduction video on what a Union is.

After watching that video, scroll through this Google Slides presentation and look at some of the pictures of union work and strikes. Record 3 words that come to mind from what you know about Labor Unions and Strikes so far here.

Labor Unions sound great right! Let’s see if they were successful. Open up this document and fill in the question below it.

So are these unions good or bad then? Read this article and decide for yourself. Once you’ve decided post your response on this Padlet so everyone can see whether you think there are more advantages or disadvantages. (4+ sentences please!)

Finally, some people think unions may disappear. Check out this final video to decide whether unions are just for the 1800’s or will continue into the next 100 years.

Take what you learned about unions and strikes and post on your blog as if you just joined a factory worker’s union that is going on strike.