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May 4, 2017

Greetings to the Lake Palms Legacy Group (LPLG),

It is with much gratitude and a sense of honor that I have the opportunity to address this faithful group  who have collectively decided to continue on in the next chapter of God’s story at 380 Fulton Drive in Largo, Florida.  As you no doubt have noticed, Crosspointe is not yet a full society in the Free Methodist Church (FMC) and things operate a little differently than that of other societies in the FMC.  While the leadership of Crosspointe seeks to value people as more important than things, we have been very preoccupied with matters of preparing the property at 380 Fulton for new ministry.  On behalf of the leadership at Crosspointe, I would like to apologize, if our actions or lack of has elicited any feelings of neglect or caused you to feel uninformed.  The truth is that there are multiple aspects of the ministry that are in a state of change right now, and it is hard to maintain what has been happening while at the same time navigating change in so many different areas, while at the same time bringing in a whole new group of people who are used to ministry in a different way.  We wanted to set up a meeting after a service to cover the items that will be addressed in this message, but due to our time restraints at Banquet Masters on Sundays and the schedule of key individuals in the upcoming weeks we decided it best not delay and to present this information in written form.  Our hope is that this correspondence can act as a catalyst to further our relationship with the Legacy Group of Lake Palms and bridge any gaps that may have developed over the last few weeks.

Our mission at Crosspointe is to see lives transformed by the power of the Cross one life at a time.  We believe that this transformation has the most lasting effect when it is rooted in the context of relationship.  With that being said, because of our size the leadership of Crosspointe understands that it will not be able to connect with every individual, and that is why we strive do our best to connect individuals with other individuals in the church.  Our experience has been that the best ways to connect people is through service teams and through discipleship environments such as small groups and one-to-one mentoring.  We want to encourage the LPLG to stop by NEXT after the service and let us know how you would like to get involved, or if you are inclined to fill out the form that we use at next CLICK HERE to let us know how you would like to get involved at Crosspointe.  

As mentioned earlier, Crosspointe is not yet a full society of the FMC.  However, Pastor Jon and I are working with Supt. Riley on making that transition happen.  It will take some time as Pastor Jon and I will be going through the credentialing process, and certain parts of our organizational structure may need to change.  With that being said, the topic of membership at Crosspointe has come up.  By way of a brief explanation, Crosspointe’s membership process has not been emphasized much as this process has been an aspect of the ministry that has been in a state of change in the last few years; and, as we become a society of the FMC, I see it changing further in the days ahead.  I will say that our primary emphasis on membership at Crosspointe has been that of these evidences: a profession of faith, baptism, service, spiritual growth in the context of relationship (small group or mentoring), and financial support.  Regardless of where we eventually land on our membership process, I would encourage the LPLG (and anyone that would consider Crosspointe their home church) to implement these evidences in daily life.  

Another topic that I have focused on along with Bob Cannon of FMC SAC and Pastor Carter is the maintenance of Pastor Carter’s compensation over the next year.  While the Crosspointe office, Pastor Carter and FMC SAC are all on the same page about this, I want to make sure that the LPLG has an understanding of exactly how that is being handled.  Currently we have about 50 individuals that are tagged as a part of the LPLG in our database.  Pastor Carter and I are working closely to make sure that we have everybody tagged correctly.   Any donations that are received by individuals in that group are being tracked by our bookkeepers and that money is being kept aside to cover Pastor Carter's pay and a couple bills that came to Crosspointe via our new relationship with Lake Palms.  Those tagged amounts are being reported regularly to FMC SAC; and, if there are not sufficient funds generated by the LPLG to cover those items, the FMC SAC will cover the difference for the first year of this transition process.  At the appropriate time, FMC SAC will work with our offices and Pastor Carter to evaluate whether a change needs to take place.  I am happy to note that currently the contributions that have been tagged as coming from the LPLG has been sufficient to support these items thus far. In the meantime, it is imperative that anyone desiring that their donations be tracked as part of the LPLG use an envelope or give online.  If an envelope is not filled out, we cannot guarantee that the donation will be tracked correctly.  I have heard that we have had several envelopes used lately without any name written on the envelope.  A name is the very least bit of information that we need in order to track an individual’s giving.  If you have used an envelope several times, you do not necessarily need to fill out your address or email each time.  If you would like to see how much we have on record for you, please, visit our GIVING PORTAL.  You will need to click the SIGN IN link at the top left of the page to view what we have on file for you.  If you notice a discrepancy please FILL OUT THIS FORM FOR OUR FINANCIAL TEAM.  There is no need to designate on an envelope or give to a separate LPLG Fund as we have set this up with FMC SAC to be tracked by only by name.  If you want to check that your name or that of someone you know is marked as a LPLG individual, please FILL OUT THIS FORM TO SEND A NOTE TO THE OFFICE to submit your inquiry.  

I know that a large amount of information has been covered here, but there may very well be other questions that you have.  If you have a question that has not been addressed in this letter, please, FILL OUT THIS FORM TO SEND A NOTE TO THE OFFICE.  

We know that some individuals in the LPLG do not have email addresses, we will print this document out and do our best to hand deliver it to those without email addresses.  But if we could employ the help of anyone in this group to help pass the word along about this information, please help those without emails to visit http://bit.ly/welcomeLPLG for an online copy of this content with the links to all the forms.  

Thanks for your patience with all of this, and thank you for your commitment to the cause of Christ through Crosspointe Church.  


Kim Truong

Family & Pastor

Crosspointe Church

Office: 7500 124th Ave. N Largo, FL  33773 ||  Phone: 727-546-1196 || Fax: 727-903-3878

For meeting times and locations visit: www.CrosspointeFL.com