Warren Local School’s Educational Values & Vantage

It is the goal of the Warren Local School District to provide the best possible instruction for all of our students.  It is the district’s belief that all of our students should have equal access to educational programming in a succinct, efficient, and educationally prudent manner.

Succinct Programing

To ensure the district is efficient in creating educational opportunities for all of our students, we must have succinct programing.  In doing so, a rich culture is created allowing our staff to understand our direction, answer questions, create new policies and programs, and improve on the wonderful things already happening in our district.

What does that look like?

There is purpose in our curriculum programing that creates overlapping and focused themes.  We maximize our staff and their talents, our financial and operational means, while providing education for all of our students that redefines and allows for individual student success.  Here are some key examples of common themes that tie our entire district together.


To aide in creating succinct educational programing, there is a focus on curriculum/learning pathways.  These pathways are not meant to force a student into a specific career.  Regardless of a student's desire to attend a four year college or enter the workforce after graduation, these classes are meant to provide opportunities and exposure in varying, dynamic, and impactful courses.  As a part of this process, we are adding to our College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement Classes and increasing our Career Technical Education (CTE) classes.  

Educational pathways will be bookend at the middle school with a course in Career Exploration and end at the high school with the opportunity of a Senior Capstone.  A middle school student will be exposed to career opportunities and self exploration through exploratory programing and elective classes.  At the high school, individual student choice will continue with opportunities to choose from over fifty of these non-core classes.

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year the district will have five formal CTE Pathways.  The pathways will include:

Warren Local Schools is committed to the whole child, their educational and personal growth.  Through properly weighed and purposeful educational and operational investment, our district places as much capital as possible at improving our students’ opportunities.