SEA·CURE Liquid Seaweed

SEA•CURE is an alkaline hydrolysis process seaweed extract, produced by us from fresh Maine seaweed.


SEA·PLUS Liquid Fish & Seaweed

SEA·PLUS is a 3-2-2 (N-P-K) fertilizer, a mixture of concentrated fish emulsion with seaweed extract.


SEAPLUS is a blend of soluble fish with liquid seaweed, and is used much the same way. It has a guaranteed minimum analysis of 3-2-2 (N-P-K), and gives a nutrient kick to add to liquid seaweed's plant growth hormones. Because the fish in SEAPLUS is heat processed, the proteins are partially broken down, making most of the nitrogen immediately available. This allows for rapid, even overnight, recovery of plants suffering from nutrient deficiencies, with low application rates. If fish odor is a problem, or if plants are already well-fed, or if your goal is to boost frost tolerance or to suppress disease, then SEA•CURE would be a better choice. But when the plants are growing fast and hungry (teen-aged?), SEA•PLUS gives a complementary boost like no other. This product meets the National Standards for "USDA ORGANIC" certified growers, as well as MOFGA and NOFA standards


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This affadavit is on file with NOFA-NH and MOFGA.


The following affidavit contains ingredients lists and processes which Living Acres considers exclusive and proprietary. This information is released for the sole use of USDA National Organic Program accredited certifiers, and any unauthorized publication, oral or written, will be considered a legal violation against Living Acres. It is necessary that an accredited certifier have access to this information to determine whether Living Acres' products described below are approved for use by USDA Certified Organic growers. Subject to the National Organic Program Rule, the undersigned declares that no false or misleading information is contained herein.

SEA•CURE contains the following ingredients:



Potassium carbonate (99­100% pure)

The extraction process consists of grinding seaweed, mixing and heating ingredients together. After the cooking phase, the extract is screened, filtered, and bottled. This method has been termed alkaline hydrolysis since (at least) the 1950's, and Living Acres believes this process to be included in the NOP Rule in §205.601(j)(1), under the clause (other than hydrolyzed). As of October, 2002, we have requested clarification from USDA­NOP.

SEA•PLUS contains the following ingredients:

Fish emulsion (partially dewatered liquefied fish waste)

Phosphoric acid (stabilizing agent)



Potassium hydroxide (seaweed extracting agent)

The seaweed is extracted in accordance with the NOP Rule §205.601(j)(1), then blended with fish emulsion (solubles), and stabilized at a pH > 3.5 in accordance with the NOP Rule §205.601(j)(7).