Honors English 9 Summer Assignment

Dear Parents and Students Entering Honors English 9:

Welcome to Apache Junction High School and the Honors English 9 course!  It is a privilege to serve you in the area of advanced academics at Apache Junction High School.  This ninth grade year is the most important first step towards preparation for year thirteen.  

An even more important first step and prerequisite for entering the Honors English 9 class is successful completion of the summer assignment.  This assignment is vitally important to complete and turn in the FIRST DAY of class. It is the first assignment in the grade book for the first semester.  The summer assignment is reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee; a historical fiction book that takes place in the Deep South in the years just before World War II. The narrator remembers a time in her past that involved two important lessons.

So, what do you do now?  Complete all of the following work during the summer. Remember these assignments are due the first day of classes. Be ready to take a test during the first week of class. These assignments demonstrate what knowledge and skills you possess as a beginning freshman.  If the book isn’t read and the assignment isn’t completed, you will struggle significantly at the beginning of the course.

Steps to Follow

  1. Read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. You can check out a book through the high school book store.  However, it is recommended that you purchase a copy of the book in order to make notes as you read within the text.
  2. Type the book report; follow carefully the perimeters outlined on the rubric. The purpose of this book report is to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of both the novel and common literary elements that you learned in elementary and junior high.   Notice that the book report is no more than two pages.  Give your best effort!

Thank you for taking the time to do your best!  If you require any further information or have questions, please feel free to email me this summer at jheerman@goaj.org.  I look forward to our ninth grade year together.  See you in August!


Jake Heermans

Honors English 9

Apache Junction High School

Rubric for Book Report

Name:   ___________________________________

Date:     ___________________________________        

Honors English 9/ Period ________

Introduction (list format)

0   1   2 pts        Title & Author

0   1   2 pts        Copyright information (Correct citation format)

0   1   2 pts        Setting (Time and Place)

0   1   2 pts        Point-of-View


    Title Relation

           0   1    2    3    4   5pts

     Identify Main Characters


            0   1    2 pts     Protagonist

            0   1    2 pts     Antagonist

            0   1    2 pts     Third Character

            0   1    2 pts     Fourth Character

    Major Conflicts

  0   1   2  pts        External – man vs. man / nature / society

  0   1   2  pts      Internal – major decisions made by characters


  Major Literary Devices

            0   1    2 pts     Author’s Tone

            0   1    2 pts     Symbol

            0   1    2 pts     Figures of Speech

            0   1    2 pts     Climatic Moment

            0   1    2 pts     Theme

            0   1    2 pts     Important Quotes

            0   1    2 pts     Your Opinion

Two Page Requirement


            0   1     pts    

Total:  ____________/40

** This grade sheet is to be attached to the front of your book report.

Book Report Format

Name: First and Last Name

Teacher:  Heermans

Date: First day of class

Honors English 9

PROCEDURE:  Each report must be no more than two pages, typed, single-spaced, size 12 font (Times New Roman).  Name, teacher, class, and date (in that order) are at the top left-hand side on your report.  Label each section in bold faced type.  This is not a summary of the story.

Introduction (list format – not sentences)

  1. Title & Author
  2. Copyright information (MLA)
  3. Setting: Time and Place
  4. Point-of-View (For example: First person, Third person limited, Third person omniscient)


  1. Title Relation (Name of section)

  1. Character
  1. Since this story has two protagonists, write a sentence to describe each person.  
  2. Then, write a sentence to describe the person most representing the antagonist for each protagonist.
  3. Last, write two sentences that describes two interesting or important supporting characters.

  1. Conflict
  1. External – man vs. man / man vs. nature / man vs. society (1 paragraph with 5 sentences)
  2. Internal – major decisions made by the characters and their motivation – man vs. self (1 paragraph with 5 sentences)

  1. Literary Devices
  1. Author's Tone: For example, morose, exuberant, choleric
  2. Symbols: describe the object and its deeper meaning relating to the story                         

Example: United States Flag = freedom and explain why

  1. Figures of Speech: ex. metaphor, simile, alliteration, repetition, imagery, or sensory details


  1. Climax

  1. Theme
  1. This is a paragraph: topic sentence states the one theme you learned (for example, crime does not pay)
  2. Three sentences support and explain the topic with specific examples from the text, and one sentence closes. (If your theme is crime does not pay, explain why you chose it.)
  3. Use three quotes from characters in the story to illustrate your idea of the theme.  Copy the quote exactly, surround it with quotation marks, and provide the page number when you found the text in parenthesis. “Here, here under the floor it is the beating of his heart” (32).
  4. Stick to one idea for a theme.

  1. Opinion