The Unit 2 Listening and Analysing Exam - explained..

What can I expect in the exam?

There Will be 6 questions in the exam, split into two sections for a total of 80 marks.

Section A will contain 4 questions and will carry 40 marks (each question is worth 10 marks).

Section B will contain 2 questions and will also carry 40 marks (each question is worth 20 marks).

Area of study 1: the principles and practice of music technology and area of study 2: popular music styles since 1910 will be examined in this unit.

Overall, unit 2 is worth 30% of the AS or 15% of the full GCE. The examination will be taken in May/June of the AS year and it will last for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

What will the questions ask?

You will be asked questions on the various aspects of the music and the technology used in the music. There will be a variety of question types including some or all of the following:

Section A: Questions 1 - 4 (40 marks)

Section A will test your ability to hear different musical characteristics or the use of music technology in the recordings on the audio CD provided.

All the questions will be on music taken from area of study 2: popular music styles since 1910.

All the questions will be split into several parts, looking at different aspects of the music. There will be questions on the general musical characteristics (elements of music) in the song and questions on the production and arrangement from a music technology point of View.

Questions on the musical elements will include the following:

Questions on production and arrangement Will include the following:

Section B: Questions 5 & 6 (40 marks)

Questions in section B Will cover similar ground to those in section A with one fundamental difference — section B will ask questions related to the special focus styles. The questioning styles will be similar, but there will always be a section at the end of each question requiring more extended writing (10 — 12 lines) on some area of the special focus style. There is no choice of questions in section B — you must complete both questions, each of which is worth 20 marks. Question 5 will look at one of the special focus styles and question 6 will look at the other.

There is likely to be a question on some aspect of the context of one of the special focus styles — this could be to do with the social and cultural conditions surrounding the development of the style or questions on the main influences of the style etc. There Will be questions on specific, popular artists who have been associated with the special focus style.