New Members:

I am new to hockey, what do I do to get my child in the program?

Simply go through the online registration process.

When is the Termite/Mite season?

The mite season goes from the beginning of November until the beginning of March.

Does my child need to be registered with USA hockey even though he/she is a first year?

Yes, you will have to register with USA hockey prior to the start of the season. It is free for kids under 7 years old. The fee money provides accident insurance for the player, a subscription to USA Hockey Magazine, and a portion of the fund goes locally to support the North Dakota Amatuer Hockey Association.

My child can’t even skate. Can he still play?

Absolutely. Many of our beginners can hardly stand up on the ice. You will be amazed at how quickly they will progress.

Is it ok that we don’t know anything about hockey?

Don’t worry, we have a very knowledgeable and dedicated coaching group that will make your child’s experience fun and positive. A majority of our membership never played hockey growing up and many eventually find it to be their favorite sport.

What is the difference termites and mites?

Termites are age 4-6. We will divide the termites into 4 groups of kids. Each group will be matched by age and skill level.

Mites are age 6-8. Mites will be divided into 4 groups of kids also. Again, groups will be picked by age and skill level.

Why do we divide the kids by skill level?

It is important that all kids have a chance to touch the puck and have success. Placing a new skater amongst experienced players will not be good for either. The skill of skating is one that takes time to master.

Is my child too young to start?

Bismarck hockey will not take kids under age 4. There is a preschool program offered through the Bismarck Parks Department.

Where should my mite get dressed for practices and games?

Because of the volume of kids in the dressing rooms, we recommend that mites get dressed (minus skates) at home. You’ll find it’s a lot less stressful.  

What equipment do we need?

Below is a picture of the equipment you will need. (neck guards not mandatory)


How do we get dressed?

Here is a great video on getting dressed to play hockey.


My kid is not in preseason, is he/she registered for regular season?

Preseason and regular season are separate. If there is a cap on the preseason portion, your child will still be registered for regular season as long as he/she has been registered properly.

Do you cap/limit the number of kids at any level during regular season?

There is no cap on the number of kids at any level during the regular season. Preseason may be capped due to the limited ice time.


How do I find the schedule for my child?

Go to the website and click on the calendar tab. The default calendar shows the entire BHB schedule. You can very easily show only your childs schedule by going into the tag menu and checking only your team.

Can we see the schedule on our smartphone calendar?

Yes. It’s simple and will always be up to date. Once you have only your child’s schedule selected on the calendar (minus all the other team’s schedules), you can click on the ‘subscribe to ical feed’ link at the bottom of the calendar.  If you use google calendar you can refer to this link.  If you use the calendar on an iphone, refer to this link.

What do I do if I do not have a credit Card to register online?

Our secretary/registrar will help you…. bismarckhockey@gmail.com

When will the schedule be posted for the season?

Typically the schedule for the regular season practices is up between Late October and Early November.  The games schedule will typically be up near the same time.

What days of the week do mites practice?

Check the website for schedule information www.bismarckhockey.com

Typically practice 1 day during the week, once on the weekend, and a game on Sunday.

I heard there is no checking at the peewee level.  Does that mean no contact?

Correct, this rule was made by USA hockey prior to the 2011-2012 season.  Body contact will be limited to angling, puck protection, and battling for puck possession within reason.  As long as the intent is puck focused and to gain control it will not be considered checking.  More clarification can be found here.

What are my fundraising responsibilities?

Each family is required to sell a book of 10 gun raffle tickets.