The Southern Tioga School District will be holding open houses beginning at 1:30PM and ending at 2:30PM on the dates below.  The open house will include an information session about the building at the 1:30 time and then a tour of the facility.  Although not required, it is requested that those wishing to attend confirm attendance by either going to STSD Open House Confirmation Form or calling the building’s office and confirming.

School Open House Dates

Liberty Elementary School                April 16th                        May 21st

(570) 324-2521

Blossburg Elementary School                April 18th                         May 22nd 

(570) 638-2146

North Penn High School                        April 18th                         May 22nd

(570) 638-2158

Warren L. Miller Elementary School        April 15
th                         May 20th

(570) 662-2192

Mansfield High School                        April 17th                        May 23rd 

(570) 662-2674