Meet and Greet Session House Rules for Cosplayer Guests

Autograph Signing and Photography Process and Queuing

  1. The autograph signing session is open to anyone who purchased any merchandise of cosplayer guests. Upon purchase, a stamp and stub per transaction will be given to the participant to limit his participation on the day. The stub will be collected upon signing of the merchandise. Participants can have a maximum of (2) merchandise to be signed per stub. Only Cosplayer Guests’ official merchandise sold in the event and pre-orders thru our order forms can be signed.

  1. The photography session is open to anyone who purchased tickets to a specific cosplayers guest of their choice, photo sessions at Php 500 each shot. A stub will be given to the participant to be able to join the activity. Event staff will be using an instant camera to capture (1) shot per stub. Alternatively, participants can requests a picture with the guest using their own camera to capture (1) shot per stub, instead of an instant camera. However, due to the limited time slot, we will NOT allow retakes. Selfies are allowed.

  1. Participants can purchase multiple stubs to have their picture taken with the specific cosplayer guest.  There is no limit of stubs available for the photography session; however, there will be a cut-off period on the sale of photography session stubs.

  1. As a courtesy for our cosplayer guests, the meet and greet session adheres to a strict schedule. There will be multiple sessions per day with specific time limits to ensure that the guest can have ample rest before the next session. Participants of the day can line up in any of the sessions provided. We will announce the schedule in a later date.

  1. Titanium Cardholders and VIP ticket holders will have an access to the priority lane where they can skip the queue and purchase the appropriate items.

  1. Fans are expected to be on their best behavior. Any untoward incidents that may jeopardize the safety of the guest can and may lead to the cancellation or early end of the session(s), upon decision of the organizers, without any refund.

  1. Cosplay Mania ‘17 organizers reserve the right to refuse a meet and greet session with the cosplayer guests for unruly conduct or any individual who ignores and/or violates any of the house rules without any refund.

  1. The following activities are STRICTLY PROHIBITED during the session:


  1. Requesting fan-signs and/or banners from cosplayer guest(s);
  2. Screaming and/or Shouting;
  3. Pushing, shoving or rough-housing;
  4. Body Contact, unless Cosplayer Guest initiates the body contact;
  5. Smoking;

  1. We will allow participants to submit any questions they want to ask to the guest by submitting a google form:

Gift Giving Guidelines

  1. All gifts for the cosplayer guests will be accepted by the organizers on behalf of the Cosplayer Guest and will be provided to the Cosplayer Guest after the session.  Submission of the gifts must be done in the Cosplay Mania Shop booth until 5PM, September 30 - October 01, 2017. The organizers and the Cosplayer Guest reserve the right to screen the gifts for acceptability and to refuse to accept gifts when necessary.

  1. Please do not give any perishable, edible, and live gifts as they may be subject to health, safety, and customs issues for the cosplayer guests.  We will not accept any gift that may be deemed illegal in the Philippines or the Cosplayer Guest’s country of origin.  We strongly advise to avoid gifts such as these.

  1. For any exchange of Name Cards, Business Cards or Cure Cosplay Cards, the organizers will accept these items on behalf of the Cosplayer Guest. We do not guarantee that the Cosplayer Guest will be able to provide you with one in return.

Merchandise Selling Guidelines

  1. All official merchandise by the Cosplayer Guests, will be sold exclusively in the Cosplay Mania shop.

  1. For pre-orders, you may access them using the following links:

*Note: All guidelines are subject to change without prior notice.